JAWS Video Games

In the 80s, video game companies decided to release a lot of games that were based on movies. You could reenact scenes from movies like Star Wars, E.T., Ghostbusters, and believe it or not, Porky’s.

JAWS was one of the many movies that got the video game treatment. Here are screenshots from two JAWS video games. You can play these games today with the help of emulators, which are pretty easy to find on the web. Happy hunting!

UPDATE: Majesco released JAWS Unleashed in 2006, a game in which you get to play as the shark. Check out the trailer and some screens on the JAWS Unleashed page.

The Nintendo Game – by LJN (1987)

The Atari ST Game – by Screen 7 Productions

Thanks to S. Michael Simms (Smikes) for locating this game!

The Atari Arcade Game

Again, thanks to S. Michael Simms (Smikes) for locating info on this game!

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