JAWS 2 Begat JAWS The Revenge [Shark in a Bottle]

The concept of a rather large great white shark (or any shark) out seeking revenge against the people that killed one of his own was not “born” with 1987’s “Jaws the Revenge”. This rather unique idea was introduced in the first sequel to the classic “Jaws”, 1978’s “Jaws 2”.

In “Jaws 2”, the town of Amity is once again terrorized by a large great white shark. This time the shark is responsible for killing two divers, a water skier and the woman that was piloting the water ski boat. Chief Martin Brody is the only person that thinks there is another shark problem. Everyone else on the island, including Ellen his wife and Mayor Vaughn, think he is crazy and overreacting.

When a good looking group of teens find a dead orca whale washed up on the beach, they call Chief Brody. Brody calls in marine biologist Dr. Elkins (Collin Wilcox) to help him investigate the cause of death. Brody assumes a shark killed the whale and asks Dr. Elkins about the bite radius. For some reason, she seems shocked that he knows what a bite radius is.

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  1. I actually think JAWS 2 is a pretty good movie.

  2. As sequels go, Jaws 2 is up there with the likes of The Godfather Part II. Think they should’ve stopped at Jaws 2 though. Millions of years of evolution coursing through a shark’s blood and they decide to follow the same family to Florida and the Bahamas?? It’s a bit far fetched, but I still enjoy watching them all. I personally think they should do to the Jaws movies what Lucas did to the Star Wars trilogy and re-do them to make the shark more realistic and terrifying, that would make you not want to go back in the water ever again (not even for a bath, hehe).

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