Custom JAWS Action Figures

Mike Lorenz created some amazing custom JAWS figures of Brody, Quint, and Hooper. Here’s some info about the figures from Mike:

“It took 2 action figures to make 1 figure. Brody comes with a spear, rifle, pistol, and air tank. I did him in the classic outfit he had on at the end of the movie. Quint comes with a spear-gun, fishing rod, and a machete. He was done in the outfit when he first sees the shark. Hooper comes with 2 barrels and a 35mm camera. He was done in the outfit near the end of the movie. On the front of each package are the words…it’s as if God created the devil himself and gave him ….Jaws.

I don’t like to tell all my secrets for making my custom figures, but I’ll tell you what I can. All of the figures I used modeling clay on. Quint’s army jacket and shirt is all molded in clay, pockets and all. He also has Quint in black over the right upper pocket. Hooper’s sweatshirt is also done from modeling clay. His hair is done in the clay. I tried to get it so the hair is wavey and all over the place. Brody’s gun belt/buckle is made from clay as well. The air tank is made from modeling clay. The spear-gun, machete, camera, fishing rod and spear are all custom made. I used balsa wood, clay, putty, and glue.

For the packaging I went with the 25th anniversary picture. All the cards have the character’s pic of the outfit they are wearing as the figure. It also has their name on the card as well as what the figure comes with.”


  1. Hello,

    I was wanting to know where I can buy these action figures. My 6 year old son is the biggest Jaws fan besides myself and as a kid I never saw any Jaws toys until now. We are interested in all Jaws products. any info you can pass our way is greatly appreciated.

    Neal Hargrove
    Nashville, TN

  2. Unfortunately you can’t buy them. Mike just created them for himself. I think there would be a good demand for some JAWS figures though. MacFarlane comes out with a lot of movie-themed ones; they would be the likely company to produce something like this.

  3. I actually bought these figures from Mike a few years ago. They are now sitting proudly with the rest of my JAWS collection. I even had Richard Dreyfuss sign the Hooper figure when I met him in person.

  4. theres a great jaws model by macfarlane,its the scene where jaws eats quint, the detail on the boat is great. Its priced at around £30. hope this helps!

  5. Is a replica machete available for sale like was used by Quint in Jaws? I had one several years ago and am looking for another.

  6. I unfortunately haven’t seen a replica machete available. Sorry.

  7. This is Mike. If you are intrested in custom figures from JAWS, let me know what you are looking for and we can discuss price. Also, I have done a full size ORCA that fits the scale of a 10 to 12 inch action figure. I will try and get pics posted on here for all to see. Thanks, Mike.

  8. I love Jaws it is so cool. I like the part wene Jaws blose up it is so cool.I love the movie Jaws.

  9. Melissa MacKinnon

    Hey, Mike. Curious on what kind of a price you would charge to buy each of the figures? Any available?

  10. Mike:

    Very interested in custom figures. Can you possibly email me (I probably won’t remember to check on here)?


  11. Melissa, can you leave me your email address and I will get back to you with a price. Thanks, Mike.

  12. Those are so awesome!!!!!!

  13. Stergios Biternas

    tiburon es buenisima sin enbargo brodi y hooper son mis preferidos no es que no me guste quint pero es malo con hooper y mandon con brodi

  14. do you think i could use a trade with my jaw maodel were jaws eats quint?

  15. hey Mike can you email me the prises for each figure at my little brother is the biggest jaws fan.send me back and pay the money so you can send me those figures.sound good?send me back.later!

  16. wops sorry.thats no my emails there you go.

  17. Hey all, found this site while looking for ref. pics. My wife and I do custom 12″ figures and made a Quint and Brody- Hooper will be done soon. We have someone make the hs for us but do all the painting and ‘kitbash’ the clothes. We want to get the Sideshow Toys Jaws which is about 2 1/2 feet in lenght.

  18. Hi Mike.
    We are interested in buying a Quint and a Hooper figure. Please email with information.

    Thanks for Your time.

  19. These are so cool!I was inspired by these to make a quint lego minifigue from these!

  20. Hi Mike,
    Are you still considering making figures for people? i would love to find out the pricing on Hooper, Quint, Brody and a shark. will they come with the boxes shown above? Please email me at

  21. hi Mike….can you email me with the prices on the Hooper, Quint and Brody figures. I’ve been looking for these for so long now…my 6yr old grandson is a big fan. Also, how soon would they be available. my email is thank you.

  22. Hey mike my email is

    Could you let me know how much these characters are individually, and let me know the price of the orca please.

    I need these for a project im going to be working on soon, im making a 60 seconds version of jaws, and since i have no money im going to use character figures like yours (if i can get any)

    Thanks man

  23. mike, I would love to find out more info on these action figures.(i.e. price, availability)my son loves the movie. Thanks.

  24. Hi Mike,
    My 6 year old son is obsessed with Jaws and actually walks around qouting the movies. I was wondering what type of price you were asking for each of these figures and also for the orca that you wrote about in one of your messages. Could you please email me at Thank you for your time, Debbie

  25. How much do you charge? Great work! What is the time frame of delivery?

  26. Mike
    I would be interested in a set of Jaws Action figures, please email me so we can discuss pricing.

  27. Hi Mike,

    Interested in a set for my Orca without packaging but with accesories!



  28. I have been down for a bit with major surgery. I am now recooping and trying to get back in the swing of things. Email me with any questions you may have about custom Jaws figures. Thanks, Mike.

  29. Hi Mike, I was wondering if you are still making the action figures from the movie Jaws. Saw pics, they’re great and my 8 year old son
    is such a fan of Jaws. Can you please e-mail me and let me know if you are still making them and your price. Thanks, Donna

  30. Custom Orca by Mike Lorenz | - pingback on March 12, 2010 at 5:37 pm
  31. I have been a fan since I was 11 years old in 1975 JAWS came out around my birthday my dad took me to see it, I am somewhat of an artist and always wanted a model of Jaws that wasn’t going to cost me a ARM and LEG you get it Ha-Ha shark, arm and leg oh, forget it. Well I ended up sculpting one mounted and painted it and must say it look pretty decent its about a foot long and nicely painted soon I will be making a mold and try to get some copies made. Will try to put out photos or hit me up I will email you some picks and let me know what you think. Take care RAY.

  32. Sorry guys forgot to post my email if you would like me to email pics of the JAWS model I made, can’t wait to share them with you guys.

  33. How can I post pics on the site of my sculpt can anyone help?

  34. These figures are epic! I want them!

    Um seperate subject – I am trying to upload a comedy version of Jaws i have written but the ‘contribute to Jawsmovie’ link is broken. how can i upload and share it with all you lovely jaws fans???

    any help would be awesome!!!

  35. i have an actual quint from matel,its real and awesome,not custom,its the real deal

  36. its by kenner

  37. Hey Mike,

    this is my e-mail address:

    please contact me so we can discus prices, thank you.

  38. Hi Mike,

    Can you please, please, please email me at to discuss how i can order the figures – thanks & look forward to hearing from you.

    My excitement is palpable.



  39. Hi Ben Gardner (nice alias) – can you email me a pic of your quint please –
    tks Brett

  40. Ben i think you mean the macfarlane quint dont you?

  41. frank silva, harbor master

    i would definitely be interested in purchasing the brody, quint and hooper figures, can you please email me to discuss pricing, the packaging and everything look awesome, i cannot believe these figures are not being mass produced…i look forward to hearing from you.

  42. I would like the Jaws action figures. Please email me at thanks!

  43. Pls i need an email from were i can buy all related toys and figures of jaws actors and the boat etc…my 8 year old kid is a very great fan…..pls i need feed back

    thanks in advance

  44. wondering if you are still selling any jaws action figures. If so I would love to buy them for my nephew!!! Thanks Kim

  45. Hi!!! I am interested in the three set  – a must have for the collection!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Mike,

    I know that it’s been awhile since the original post was made, but if you are still selling any of these highly collectable items, please contact me at

  47. Ultimate Shield

    Why does brody have an AK47 missing the grip instead of a M1 Garand?

  48. I know that it’s been awhile since the original post was made, but could you let me know if you are still selling these and the price for them? Thanks

  49. Hi mike I’m very interested in getting some figures if you could email me about prices please my email address is thanks

  50. Mike could you get back to me about your figures I would like to get quint hooper and brody could you email me to discuss a price my email is thanks

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