JAWS The Exhibition 08

Just over a year ago I was approached about setting up an exhibition here in Liverpool based on items in my JAWS collection, I was heading to America around the time and the franchise owners had other events to arrange so the idea was put on ice until this year.

Microzine is a hip men’s store in heart of Liverpool which also has a London outlet, it was voted the top UK store for gents gadgets and design and has held exhibitions featuring work from the likes of Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols graphic designer) and high profile fashion shows featuring among others Stella McCartney’s fashion range.


The event lasted a month and ran throughout August 2008 and a limited range of memorabilia was produced to tie in with the event. It was whirlwind of a month but a satisfying one as the event proved to be a huge success and it was amazing how much interest there still is in “the” big fish movie.

Here is a selection of images from the VIP launch night from various sources along with some articles and images of the exhibition itself, I hope you enjoy them.

Microzine’s streaming slideshow


One of the TV items that covered the event


and one of the press items that appeared


Sadly I couldn’t make it to the Vineyard this year but this event more than made up for it and kept me occupied, another great JAWS year.



  1. i have seen some AWSOME stuff,but that was totally wicked!!!!

    🙂 :p :0 =] ”

  2. Whoah.This is so cool!


  3. Hi fellow FANatics,

    I was really impressed with all the pics of the memorabilia. I was wondering if you or anyone out there knows where I can get a really decent sized jpeg of that promo pic with Brody, Quint and Hooper posed inside the jawbone of a great white shark. I would love to copy the image for my desktop wallpaper. Please reply if you know anywhere on the net I might find it. Thanx !

  4. I loved the dude’s head and chrissie’s arm that was so cool!!!!!

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