Merry Christmas from SantaJAWS!

More fine artwork from Erik Hollander!

You can also get a SantaJAWS Hat:


  1. I lke jaws so much that I want to be in it alot from oscar lucius

  2. Why is it that when jaws gets killed in the 1st movie and in the 2nd movie he comes back?! is it like the jaws family or somthing?! this question is driveing me up the wall. if anyone knows this anwser please please please write the anwser in a comment so me and probaly other people from around the world to know. thanks very much Sara. p.s JAWS RULES!I LOVE ALL THE MOVIES THERE THE BEST ” THIS IS JUST MY OPEINION ABOUT THE MOVIES”.THANKS FOR LETTING ME WRITE MY QUESTION AND MY COMMENT SO PEOPLE OUT THERE START THINKING! AND THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

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