Amity or Bust (video)

This video about JAWSFest was created by Joe Fordham of Cinefex Magazine. We interviewed him for The Shark is Still Working.

Amity or Bust from Flashfilms on Vimeo.



  2. Fantastic! I loved every minute of it! I wish I could’ve been there! Maybe someday. Great job Joe!

  3. Thanks, Dan. Glad you enjoyed the video. It was very kind of Jake to link me here. I’m a big Jaws fan, as you can see, this was my little love-letter to my favorite movie. It was a dream come true to be invited out to ‘Amity’ to take part in this historic celebration.

  4. Well done. This is an experience many of us have probably talked about but never actually acted upon. I hope to experience this myself one day. Thank you for bringing us closer to that reality.

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