New JAWS Making Of Book Coming Soon!

Documenting the impact of the film on island history has been a full-time job over the last two years for Matt Taylor, who is polishing a 300-page account of how “Jaws” was made.

The book, titled “Martha’s Vineyard Remembers Jaws,” includes about 800 never before published photographs of the production snapped by islanders, and 65 interviews with those closest to the filming.

Taylor said readers will be surprised to learn about the impact island residents had on the film’s success, pointing particularly to contributions from Susan and Lynn Murphy.
Lynn Murphy, a Vineyard marine mechanic, was hired to help run the special effects in the water.

“They were having a terrible time with it until Lynn came along and set everything straight,” said Taylor. “Lynn, and his knowledge of how to do things on the water, really saved the production.”

The photos in his book were compiled by “Jaws” fan and memorabilia collector Jim Beller who, despite technology advances that make some of the “Jaws” special effects look rudimentary 35 years later, isn’t worried the movie will lose its luster for the “Avatar” generation of fans.

“If you love a good suspenseful movie, a movie that has everything, or you are a Steven Spielberg fan, see it,” he said. “If you like swimming — think twice.”

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  1. TSISW web page needs to ans questions about a DVD release date. They ignore this question. They ignore the question. RUDE. So when it does get a release date I will rent it only and not buy it

  2. NOBODY could have seen Jaws in 1974! Jaws Didn’t come OUT until June of 1975!

  3. I have got to tell you I was born in 1973 and saw jaws for the first time on wxyz channel 7 in detroit when I was about 8 years old and ever since then not only have I been facinated by sharks, but I have been a die hard Jaws fan. It is still my favorite movie to this day. I have seen other shark movies, and I still anticipate MEG by steve alten to come out, but I fell that no other shark movie made or in production can even compare to Jaws. Jaws is, and will always be to quinticential shark movie.

  4. Mccormacklknox

     We are all waiting for The Shark is Still Working DVD to come out.  It would be so awesome to see Roy narrating it and sharing his thoughts on making JAWS.  Please let us know when we can buy it.

  5. Dave McAllister Chuck's brother

    Dear Jake,

    I’m Chucks older and only sibling. I’v been trying for mos to acquire a copy of his interview, “In Memorium”. Would you be so kind to make it available to me?



  6. Dave McAllister Chuck's brother

    Dear Jake,

    I’m Chuck’s older and only sibling and I’ve tried for months to get a copy of his interview, “In Memorium”.

    Would you be so kind as to make it available to me?



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