JAWS Super 8mm Version

Eddie McCormack of jawsmoviearchives.com uploaded this to YouTube and says about it:

“Following the release of JAWS in 1975 the world was awash with related tie-in memorabilia, among the endless items was a single Super 8mm cine reel featuring a heavily edited version of the blockbuster long out of print.

One of the most notable features about of the Super 8mm edition of JAWS is the opening attack on swimmer ‘Chrissie Watkins’, it’s common knowledge that the scene was shot ‘day for night’ for the movie, but less known is the fact that an ungraded version of the daytime shot footage that differs from the final movie appears on the Super 8mm edition.

This discovery was one of the main reasons I originally wanted to convert and view this version of the movie. Obviously due the nature and age of the source material used, the section isn’t perfect but I’ve enhanced the scene to try and present it as clean and bright as the original cine without going too over the top with the contrast and colour correction.

I will be revisiting this at a later stage to restore the original audio, but for now I hope JAWS fans out there enjoy this vintage reel.”


  1. I also have the 200 FT version with sound. In addition I also have an 800 ft version that came on two 400 ft reels with sound. This came out just prior to the vcr taking off. If my memory serves the 800 ft version has the same day-for-night light print as the 200 ft version.

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