JAWS 2 Posters

The massive success of JAWS spawned JAWS 2, which is pretty much considered the only watchable JAWS sequel, mostly due to the presence of Roy Scheider, who was contractually obligated to appear. No Spielberg, no Dreyfuss, but screenwriter Carl Gottlieb and production designer Joe Alves did return. Amity returned as well as Martha’s Vineyard was again used as a shooting location, with additional scenes shot in Florida. JAWS 2 was a box office smash, setting the stage for the deluge of sequels we have had ever since.

Here are some of the posters used in the JAWS 2 marketing campaign around the world:

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  1. Leyenwood Fan

    The sunset fin image was painted by the late, great illustrator Jack Leynnwood.

    He taught at Art Center and was revered for his Revell Model Kit box art.

    Great teacher, too.

  2. Cool Poster for any Jaws fan by Artist Robert Ralph, Check it out!
    He uses the ultimate phrase! “you’re going to need a bigger boat!”

  3. jaws is my and my husbands favorite movie of all time. i just bought him 2 cool jaws shirts for christmas. check them out, heres the link if your interested. they were under the movies catagory . well worth it!
    one of the shirts i got says the bigger boat line


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