The JAWS Ride Experience in HD

The JAWS Ride shuts down for good on January 2, 2012.  Here’s a video I made to document the ride before it is gone …



  1. wolfgangdelgado

    I never got to ride this…very cool to at least get to see it…Thanks for filming it…much appreciated…sorry to see it go..

  2. i first saw the jaws ride years and years ago ay universal in california,such a fun ride sorry to see it go.
    is there a way i can purchase a copy of ” the shark is still working”?

  3. When I went on a Universal tour in ’78, all they had was a single shark that popped up next to the boat. I had no idea that it had evolved into such a big attraction. Sorry I never got to experience it for real, but thanks so much for sharing!

  4. gabriel engrund

    that was a cool video

  5. gabriel engrund

    jag såg HAJEN idag och den var ganska bra och jag är ett hajen-fan

  6. Sweet video!  I’m a huge fan of the Jaws movie and sadly enough, I’ve never been to Universal Studios to see the “live” show.  With it already closed, this video is the closest I’ve come.  Thank you for posting! 

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