The JAWS Ride: Final Voyage 1/2/2012


The date was the last day of the ride, which is being demolished to make room for a new attraction. We interviewed JAWS fans, a former Skipper of the Ride and watched the ride wait times increase throughout the day.


  1. My kinda people! Wish I’d been there to buy every one of those lovely people a round and raise the first of many toasts.

  2. What’s wrong with people? No,No,No! 
    No to a Jaws remake! Doing a Jaws remake would be as bad as voting obama back in! This country/ world would be better off w/out doing either of those things… A prequel fine. But No remake! Use the Indianapolis / Quint story. That way you wouldn’t alienate the true fan base & you would totally gain a new fan base. Jaws is the best movie of all time & the u.s. is the best country of all time. No Remake, No Bama !!!

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