Destruction of the JAWS Ride

The sad destruction of the JAWS Ride at Universal Studios Florida continues. The Ride was closed on January 2nd, presumably to be replaced by a new Harry Potter attraction.

Check out the aerial photos of what was the JAWS Ride here:

Source: Jaws Ride Destruction




  1. It was a great attraction, and I’m so glad I got to enjoy it a couple of times when I visited Universal Orlando a few years ago. I’ll never forget a little girl crying to get off the ride – sorry, but too late.

  2. I had so many memories working there as lead. I can’t believe its gone. Its like a chapter of my life closed…..

  3. i went on it in 1999 and was a relly good ride felt like being in the film and scred me from going in the sea for the rest off my life was worth it tho so sad its gone anything clac and shoud be kept always seems to get scraped thes days
    neet it will be et termanater universal want be recnisble sham

  4. There old none of it is left but the front buildings (ten mins,where gonna be shark bait in ten minutes)

  5. I had my first ride in May 2011. This year the whole family of 11 are visiting Orlando from the U.K. My Niece and Nephew 8 and 5 watched the movie with me over Christmas, they thought it was great and tell all their friends about it. They were so excited about visiting Amity and going on the ride. My brother is now the one to give them the bad news. So sad.

  6. Such a great ride.  Can’t believe the ruined it for freakin Harry Potter 2.0.  

  7. I wonder how much those animatronic sharks are going for in auctions. I think I’d get one.

  8. Why don’t they remove the boats first?

  9. I don’t care about harry toilet! i wanted to ride the JAWS ride! the first time i saw the JAWS ride i wanted to ride it! i MISSED the last one!

  10. Can’t wait for the new harry potter 🙂

  11. Lawrencerichard

    i dident even get to ride it so sad i relly wanted to ride it

  12. assholes…I HATE Harry “stupid” Potter,I have a spectacular script, and I promise to all the JAWS fans that it will be revived

  13. I hate your coment

  14. seems they are puttin all their eggs in one basket. a great ride, gone to make way for a hogwarts train station!!

  15. you know that warner bothers made harry poophead not universal im 13 ive never ben on a plane never gone any were but just when we had plans to go there the closed the god dang ride

  16. screw you mr harry potthead jaws was awesome

  17. Come on!!! why are they puttin’ that shi*???? Jaws is a million times better than “Harry Shithead”

  18. If I do go famous I want all the Jaws fans to come and join me in the fair destruction of the Harry Potter zone where lies the place where the Jaws ride used to lay and build an extended Zone of universal studios named SS clasics where all Steven Spielberg movies should lay INCLUDING Jaws

  19. high five!!!!!!!i’m 13 too and i didn’t get ever to ride it 🙁 bad luck 4 us

  20. youre awesome

  21. It’s about time all you Luddites came into the 21st century.
    Jaws was a good ride in it’s day but it was looking so old and outdated the last time we went on it.
    Just been on the ET and Disaster rides today and I think they should be the next ones for the big yellow JCB buckets!!

  22. Jaws: best movie, best ride! 
    Harry potter is a joke, ten years from now no one will be talking about it. Its been over 30yrs & jaws is spoken about like family. From quotes to scene descriptions. I bet this potter ride wont even see 2020! its a joke…. No one is afraid of spells & wizards. But for a whole summer in 1975 everyone was afraid to go back in the water! Long live Jaws! 

  23. Waaaa Boo Hoo Jaws is shut, Harry Potter sucks.
    Its about time people grow up.
    The Jaws film is brilliant but just coz the film is great doesn’t mean that the ride didn’t suck balls. Jaws the rids was over the hill, I was is Orlando last October and went on it and it wasn’t like I remembered it just wasn’t good anymore.
    Now people saying that Harry Potter sucks well each to their own but Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey simulator ride beats the ass off the Spiderman one and Jaws the ride.

  24. Im a teen and i love harry potter. but they should have left JAWS! alone. i personally think that this is bull shit. it was a park original. if E.T. goes im going to picket. i cant even look at these pictures anymore, it makes me want to cry.

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