The Shark is Still Working on the JAWS Blu-Ray

Finally! We can finally announce that our Jaws documentary The Shark is Still Working has a release date – 8/14/2012 – as a exclusive on the JAWS Blu-ray! Check out Universal’s new JAWS Blu-ray website:

You can PREORDER it here: Jaws [Blu-ray]

Congratulations to my fellow producers on a job well done!


  1. Now the question is…what cut do we get? 🙂

  2. Will it be Blu-Ray exclusive or will this be available on DVD as well?

  3. does anyone know what happend to the new jaws 3d movie that was supposed to be released?

  4. Does someone know the running time of TSISW on the Blu-Ray ? I remember there was talks about a 3h edit at first.

  5. Yes!!!! Finally!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  6. I can hardly wait will it be easy to get and affordable?

  7. I’m n a loss of word’s,i cant believe and after 12 years TSISW is coming home to DVD,Its really TOO MUCH TO HANDLE BEING A MAJOR JAWS FAN.THANK YOU STEVEN SPIELBERG..!!

  8. Finally after all this time. I honestly thought this whole thing had run out of gas. I thought it had ground to a halt after all of the hopeful festivals.

    You did it. You did it!! you did it.

    I feel happy for you guys.

  9. Mark Fronckus

    This would be a great addition to my JAWS collection!

  10. Kevin Shackett Jr.

    5/14/12 Hi, I don’t own a blu-ray machine, but will “The Shark Is Still Working” be out on regular DVD? I’ve waited for six years to purchase the documentary. I really want a copy. Thank you. Kevin Shackett Jr.

  11. I saw it in a theater and it was around 2 hours long. It is only on the bluray to answer the earlier question.

  12. 8/14? That’s a wait. Well at least we’ll be able to save August if we’re lucky.:P

  13. I’ve wanted to see this for years, but I don’t have a Blu-ray player, so I guess my wait continues… indefinitely. Harrumph.

  14. Hopefully TSISW will be released in its entirety on a stand alone release. I’ve seen the 3 hour cut and it is much better. I am also shocked it is not even anamorphic on the Jaws Blu. WTF Universal???

  15. 3 hour cut????? My ass. No offense.

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