New JAWS Blu-Ray Trailer!

Universal has released a new trailer for the JAWS Blu-ray and it looks amazing. JAWS fans, prepare to get goosbumps.

The trailer mentions a “Never Before Seen Documentary”, which is of course, The Shark is Still Working.

Check it out below. August 14th can’t get here fast enough! Click here to preorder the JAWS Blu-Ray.


  1. Favorite movie of all time! So excited for this!

  2. So excited that JAWS fans will finally be able to see The Shark is Still Working!

  3. I know, it’s about time! =)

  4. I congratulate you guys on getting it out. But I will pass on this Blu-ray of Jaws…the only reason I wanted to pick that Blu-ray up was to see the over 3 hour documentary…not a truncated 1 hour & 40 minute or so version. I don’t care about the picture quality of the Blu-ray, my 30th anniversary DVD of Jaws looks perfectly fine to me. I just really wanted to see that whole, over 3 hour version that I heard many good things about, which was seen via festivals and such, and I wish I could have seen that one. Again, I just don’t really want to see a truncated 1 hour 40 minute or so version, just to get angry at the 90 minute or so missing footage that I can’t/won’t see.

    I’m sure it was because you guys really had no choice, and Universal wouldn’t let you guys put the whole thing on there and only took the 1 hour 40 minute or so version that you guys edited. That is too bad and am very saddened to not be able to see the whole thing. Either way, good luck to you guys and congrats on your hard work.

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