JAWS Blu-ray (and TSISW) Reviews Rolling In


But the real gem is the more recent doc: a group of Jaws fans set out to make a tribute called The Shark Is Still Working and ended up getting interviews with everyone from Spielberg and Scheider (who also narrates) to celebrity fans like Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez. Only available as an extra on this Blu-ray, it’s astonishingly good and clearly fuelled by love, with the crew even tracking down the guy who voiced the original trailer, the artist who drew the iconic poster and — maddest of all — Quint’s gimpy little friend, whose interview is longer than his Jaws screentime. Plus deleted scenes and more, as seen on the DVD.



Supplements also go the extra mile. We get the full 2-hour, and excellent, The Making of Jaws documentary as found on the 2005 Anniversary DVD. It is worth re-watching – even in 480i. I also liked the 10-part The Shark is Still Working: the Impact and Legacy of Jaws that runs a lasting 1 3/4 hour.

The massive legions of Jaws fans will be very pleased with this incredible Blu-ray – highly impressive a/v and bonus extras. One of the better packages of the year to date. Strongly recommended!


The extras on this set can be measured by the ton, led by three documentaries: “The Shark Is Still Working: The Impact and Legacy of Jaws” may have some interviews that are a few years old (from the mid-2000s), but it’s a great examination of what the film has meant to pop culture from fellow filmmakers to the everyman movie fan. In a bit of unfortunate timing, the “in memoriam” dedication at the end doesn’t include producer Richard D. Zanuck, who died July 13. However, he appears multiple times in the documentary’s interviews. “The Making of Jaws” is a bit repetitive if you already watched “Shark Is Still Working,” but it has plenty of other material to make it insightful and worth watching. Finally, “Jaws: The Restoration” is more for the movie and tech geeks, but very well done and it offers far more than — as is often the case with such restoration features — merely showing the “Before” and “After” split screens. And there are more extras, all worth checking out.

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