Quint Recreated for JAWSFest


Quint has been recreated for JAWSFest: The Tribute! Nick Marra created this silicon likeness for Greg Nicotero’s JAWS display at the upcoming JAWS event. For the first JAWSFest, Nicotero created a life-size bust of the shark. The creation and unveiling of the shark was documented in The Shark is Still Working, out August 14th on the JAWS Blu-ray.

Nicotero, of
KNB EFX, is a life-long JAWS fan. Be sure to check out AMC’s The Walking Dead to see Nicotero’s zombies in action.



  1. Okay, that’s a photo of Robert Shaw as Quint, but then an image of Bruce the shark recreated. . .why does the headline say that “Quint” has been recreated? Did the columnist accidentally call Bruce Quint, even while showing the image of Robert Shaw?

  2. That’s not a photo of Quint, it’s a silicon reproduction created by Nick Marra. He also created Brody and Hooper!

  3. That is not a Shaw photo. Nick is an amazing artist. I’ve seen the Quint head when it was in raw clay. Even in clay it looked perfect. Wait till you see the Hooper and Brody. Mind blowing.

  4. I wish he could make 12″ figures for sale! Is tjis possible?

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