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Highlights of the Peter Benchley Collection at BU

Long-time Forum regular Dana Goudreault visited the Gottlieb Research Center at Boston University and got to check out the Peter Benchley Collection there. Dana went there with Jim Beller, webmaster of Here’s some pictures of what they saw in the Benchley collection.

Dana said, “Here are a couple pics from the Peter Benchley collection at the Gottlieb Research Center at BU. Jim and I paid a visit yesterday and enjoyed ourselves for nearly four hours, browsing through the history of the making of JAWS in a way that transported you back to the good ol’ days like never before. I encourage anyone and everyone to contact the center and arrange a visit when you’re in the Greater Boston area.”

A special thanks to Dana and Jim for sharing these pictures!

NoFest – JAWS Fans Recreate Beach Party Scene

In 2006, a group of JAWS fans returned to Amity (Martha’s Vineyard) for another celebration of JAWS. There wasn’t an official JAWSFest in 2006, so the gathering was dubbed “NoFest” instead. One of the
things we did was try to recreate the opening beach scene from JAWS. Photo taken and photoshopping done by Erik Hollander (click for full size version):

1988 Martha’s Vineyard Pics Part 1

1988 Martha’s Vineyard Pics Part 1

by Erik Hollander

Lynn Murphy and myself posing with the fishing pole used by Quint on the Orca. Lynn was so good to us. He gave us an exhaustive tour of his place and all the props used in the film, many of which were in his home. He also shared many pictures from shooting that were in his photo album.

Erik and the surly island original, Craig Kingsbury. What a character! He was incredibly gracious to us and spent a couple of hours talking to us as he worked around his farm. He is JUST like his character, Ben Gardener, in the film, except he still has his head.

Chuck and Jeffrey Voorhees (Alex Kintner) Jeff works as a restaurant manager and graciously took some time off to talk with us. He even gave me one of his original 'Jaws' paycheck stubs from Universal and the envelope it came in. Nice guy.

Lee Fierro (Mrs. Kintner) and Chuck Gramling

Mark and Phil Dube, who played one of the prominent town fathers. He's the one that Mayor Vaughn urged to go in the water on the Fourth of July when nobody else was going in.

Chris Rebello (Michael Brody)

Chuck standing above the "Good Time II" ferry to Chappaquidick, seen early in the film.

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