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JAWS in 30 Seconds by the Cast

Very Rare JAWS Interviews from 1974 – Benchley Interviews Spielberg and Shaw

  Recently released by Peter Benchley’s widow Wendy on the new website, this RARE video features Peter interviewing JAWS producers David Brown and Richard Zanuck, Steven Spielberg, and Robert Shaw.  Shaw is wearing a yellow JAWS t-shirt for his …

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AICN Talks to Spielberg, Full Interview, JAWS Blu-Ray


The full interview Quint of AICN did with Steven Spielberg is available on the Ain’t it Cool News Site. The biggest news for JAWS fans was, of course, Spielberg spilling the beans that the JAWS Blu-Ray is in the works. …

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JAWS Blu-Ray in the Works, According to Spielberg


Quint of Aint it Cool News had a lengthy phone interview with Steven Spielberg who confirmed that the JAWS Blu-Ray is in the works. An excerpt is posted on the AICN site now, with the full interview to be posted …

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National Lampoon’s JAWS 3, People 0 – Script and Review

In 1979, JAWS Producers David Brown and Richard D. Zanuck partnered with National Lampoon of Animal House fame, commissioned a script and signed on as Executive Producers. Joe Dante (Piranha, Gremlins, Innerspace) was to direct.

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The “Raiders” Story Conference

In 1978, fresh off the success of JAWS and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Steven Spielberg sat down with George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan to figure out what Raiders of the Lost Ark was going to be …

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Spielberg on Video Games – Pong, JAWS, Rock Band, Boom Blox

I was making Jaws and living on Martha’s Vineyard. Somebody plugged in a coin op game called Pong at the merry-go-round in Oak Bluffs.

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JAWS in American Cinematographer – July 1975

Short article/interview with Steven Spielberg about the making of Jaws. From the July 1975 issue of American Cinematographer.

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Another Project for Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is planning to adapt Chocky, based on the novel by Brit writer John Wyndham and the beloved 80’s TV show, through the newly independent DreamWorks.

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Jaws, Raiders Among Empire’s Top 500

Several Spielberg films made Empire Magazine’s Top 500 films of all time. Two of Spielberg’s films made the top 5, with Jaws placing fifth and Raiders of the Lost Ark placing 2nd, beaten only by Francis Ford Copolla’s The Godfather.

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