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    Hello fellow Jaws fans. I'm throwing together a Quint costume in a hurry and looking for a hat like his. Do any of you know what kind of hat it is?


    M0nk M0nkton





    the kind that goes on your head 😀

    when you get the costume together show us


    This hat kind of looks like it:


    I think the jacket is an army issue M1951…could be a M1941 or M1961…not sure…



    Here's one for $7.00…looks fine


    Just go to a Army surplus store. It is a basic Army cap.



    Thanks for all the input everyone! Quint's hat is far from a basic army cap. A friend of mine who collects WWII uniforms has one that's almost identical. The brim is a little more square and the stitching doesn't go through the front pocket. His (my friend's, not Quint's) is an Army Air Corps model A-1. It's a $100 hat, and it's WAY too small for me, so I'm going to use a faded baseball hat. I found lots of waterproof and oilskin hats online that were similar but I didn't have time to order one.

    I'm just dressing up for kicks and to get a free popcorn at the theater – not quite worth me losing a $100 rare hat, but it'll be fun!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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  1. USAAF A-3 mechanic’s cap.

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