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  1. Kris-Sharkluver

    Hey All,
    Just wanted to let U know it’s been 4ever since I have been in here 😯 .I was wondering if the website has undergone any changes in a year it looks different, but it still ROX πŸ˜€ I hope U all Have A Happy and Safe 4TH of July πŸ˜€ BTW does any1 know if there will be a remake of JAWS? I am like most how can U remake a Classic like that 1 ❓ .

  2. Hi , I’m new to this site. I was watching the documentary of “The Shark is Still Working” and they had mentioned this site. I love Jaws and have seen the movie part 1 and 2 I don’t know how many times!! :0) I’m hoping to meet other fans and make new friends!! Julia

  3. jaws was an all time movie classic,still can remember goin to see it in the cinema in 75!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. wow lucky u, wish i could have been old enough to see it in theatres!! :0)

  5. I was only 3 yrs old
    when they made Jaws

  6. Came out the year i was born,but used to watch it on TV when i was young every time it was on……would end up in tears on my mums lap……Head in the boat scene got me every………..brings back good memories when i watch it now.

  7. Oh that head in the boat scene freaked me out the first time i saw it. It still freaks me out lol. I love Jaws so much, there will never be a movie like it, even though they have tried to make Jaws movies or similar to it, Jaws is the best shark movie ever made!!! :0)

  8. Cool Poster for any Jaws fan by Artist Robert Ralph, Check it out!
    He uses the ultimate phrase! β€œyou’re going to need a bigger boat!”

  9. i have the original 1975 jaws movie poster puzzle sealed in the box and is 4 sale call 6144421353

  10. has any one been to jaws fest in the past.Β  I heard that they are planning one in august.Β  Would love to go and would like to know what to expect.Β  I would really like to purchase some collectibles too

  11. Hi People.
    My Names John, I Live In Ireland, But Was Born and Breed In The UK, I saw JAWS when i was 9yrs old, And it had a huge impact on me and my brother, I have been a fan ever since, and have never had that experience in a Cinema since, The pure horror and terror of being in a darkened auditorium While the horror unfolds on the big screen. I have some memorabilia, But seeing what you guys have, My collection appears Miserable, Lol, I would love to hear from anyone out there who still feel like a scared little child every time i see some scenes and can remember the feelings i felt at the time, or just people who want to talk JAWS and not think me weird, Lol, I have a question that i have never been able to find an answer too, well i have many but i`ll start with this one, Does anyone know what they used in the last shot of the shark sinking to the ocean floor, I can`t imagine they actually blew up the real model of Bruce, It does appear to be some kind of animation at one point, i may be wrong, I would love to hear if anyone knows.So thats me for now, Love this site, took the quiz , and done really well, thank you for taking the time to put it together. So for now, Stay out of the water.. Best wishes`s to you all. John

  12. Hey Guys,

    Check out this never before released BBC footage of John Williams working with Steven Spielberg to come up with the film score for Jaws!!!

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