The Shark is Still Working will be on the Jaws [Blu-ray]
The release date is 8/14/12! You can preorder it here: Jaws Blu-ray Preorder
 More info on the release is here:

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  1. Kris-Sharkluver

    Hey All,
    I’m wanting to get into the forum page and post, but were in the hell in the log in button. It has been awhile since I have been in here, so if any1 can email me @, it looks like changes have been done. If a moderator would email me @ the above address, I would appriciate it.

  2. I put a new login box at the top of the right sidebar. Sorry!

  3. Greg E Morozoff

    My folks took me to see this when it first hit the screen in 75′,scares the shit out of me to this day,great movie

  4. I find this forum site so good. I learned many things from jawsmovie forums and i Like to participate in entertainment threads. I am a big movie freak. Recently, I watch Soul Surfer movie and I got inspired from this movie.Its a motivational movie having sports theme. I want there should be thread of soul surfer movie in this forum site as others can also be inspired from the discussion of this motivational movie.

  5. I can’t get beyond the first page of the forum. everytime i click “2” or the “next” arrow, it puts me wrote back to page 1.

  6. I listed a Jaws hardcover book signed by 13 cast/crew in 1974 on eBay if any of you are interested… the link is below

  7. Hi, was wondering if anyone knows the actual address of the Brody house in Marthas Vineyard? I know it’s in East Chop, but know it has since been remodled.. Any thoughts on where it is would be appreciated!

  8. Kris-Sharkluver

    I forgot my password, help!

  9. How do I register to the forum?

  10. Hey steveo, at the top right of this page is the “Log In” box, right under “Remember me” and “Lost your password” is the “Register” link. Welcome aboard! 😀

  11. So scuba tanks DO blow up, and it isn’t always a subtle thing….read this….

  12. Got a great tagline for you.

    “Who said there was safety in numbers?”

    I’ve thought of that one for years.

  13. Not a bad post in any respect!

  14. Hello there!
    I was wondering if anyone had been on holiday at Martha’s Vineyard?
    I would love to go one day and have a jaws tour.
    Does anyone know if there is such a thing?


  15. Tom, JAWSFest is going on in August on Martha’s Vineyard. They will have a tour of the Jaws locations among many other events.

  16. Hi Jake

    God that sounds great! I will see if I can make it across (I’m in England) I’d love to go. I will check on prices e.t.c.

    Cheers Jake

  17. Anyone know where i can get a print of the black and white photo at the top of the site? The one where everyone is standing in line at the theater?

  18. Hi,

    I wanted to give your Southern New England readers the heads up that Worcester Film Works will be showing JAWS FREE on the Worcester (MA) Common this coming Thursday, July 19, 2012 at dusk. Check out for more information.

  19. i just saw on FIOS VOD that there is a new 137 min
    version of JAWS..they are marketing it as ” JAWS
    WITH DELETED SCENES” (under the JAWS title)..i also saw it on Amazon Instant Video-but have inquired from amazon to see if it is the new cut..the pic to the right where you purchase..has the same pic as FIOS VOD.

  20. Hi all!
    I hope we can speak English …
    Is it customary to present in a specific section of the forum?
    I love sharing about topics that are important to me, especially on specialized forums …
    Thank you for your welcome!

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