JAWS 3-D (1983)

The third dimension is terror.

Directed by: Joe Alves (production designer for the first two JAWS films)

Produced by: Rupert Hitzig, Alan Landsburg (executive)

U.S. Release Date: July 22, 1983

Domestic Gross: 42.2 million

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett, Jr., Lea Thompson

JAWS at Sea World! In 3-D!!


There was for some reason an interest in reviving the 3-D movie in 1983, and a vengeful shark and those darn Brody boys were caught up in it all.

Now in his twenties, marine biologist “Mike” Brody follows in the footsteps of Dad when he squares off against ANOTHER giant shark. Meanwhile, “Mike’s” younger brother Sean chases around a pre-Back to the Future Lea Thompson.The shark happens to be terrorizing Sea World in Florida (interesting because Sea World is a competitor of Universal Studios Florida), right around the time the park is showing off its newest attraction, an underwater Habitrail for humans. The shark is upset because its baby was caught and is now being used as a Sea World attraction.

Originally released, the film had some impressive 3-D effects, but they are no longer there in the video version.

Worst ripoff scene(s):

Scene at the end when we see the shark “swimming” away from the underwater tunnel. In case no one has noticed it, the shark is not moving! It appears to be a single still shot of the shark moving closer and closer, but no fin movements, no gaping mouth or razor teeth… nothing.


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  2. Jaws 3 was a good movie, but if you compare this one to Jaws and Jaws 2, you will find it to be cheesy and not what it should have been.

  3. gabriel engrund

    Hajen 3 är ju bra men det sägs att det skulle var i 3-d visst det var inte 3-d i Hajen eller i Hajen 2

  4. Jaws 3 is actually my second-favorite of the movies.  It’s also rather something of a feminist movie, really.  Kay is actually the main character, not Mike.  She’s the first to figure out what’s going on, but can’t get anyone to listen to her.  She even has to fight the paramedic to be allowed to do her job, not to mention deflect FitzRoyce’s hitting on her.

  5. FYI
    Quote from the plot above “The shark happens to be terrorizing Sea World in Florida (interesting because Sea World is a competitor of Universal Studios Florida)” In 1983 when this film was made, Universal didn’t have an attraction in Florida. Universal Studios in Florida wasn’t built/opened until about 1990.

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