JAWS The Revenge

JAWS The Revenge (1987)

This Time it’s Personal

Directed by: Joseph Sargent

Produced by: Joseph Sargent

U.S. Release Date: July 17, 1987

Domestic Gross: 20.7 million

Starring: Lorraine Gary, Michael Caine, Lance Guest, Mario van Peebles

We can still squeeze some money out of the masses!


Ellen Brody goes to visit her son Michael in the Bahamas after her other son Sean is killed by ANOTHER giant shark during a Christmas celebration in Amity. Sean, following in Dad’s footsteps, was Amity’s police chief. This new shark is apparently a relative of the sharks in the other JAWS films, possibly a cousin by marriage or something.

The shark somehow tracks down Ellen, who has become convinced that it has some kind of a personal vendetta against the Brody family. Ellen finds a new love interest in Hoagie, a friendly sea-plane pilot, and together they determine that Ellen must sacrifice herself to the shark to end the killings (and sequels). The finale is incredibly inept and the shark looks unbelievably fake.

Worst ripoff scene(s):

Blatant copy of scene in Jaws where Sean imitates his father at the dinner table, Ellen’s flashbacks to scenes in Jaws (using actual footage, but tinted brown) that she never witnessed, and of course the finale.

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  2. 👿 Why do people keep saying Ellen Brody didn’t witness the scene between her husband and Sean?? Can someone PLEASE watch the movie again! She is clearly standing in the doorway with a cup of coffee watching the incident when the doorbell rings and Matt Hooper shows up!

  3. Personally I can’t stand Jaws the revenge. They ruined the name of Jaws and turned it into a cheesy Monster movie like Godzilla!!!!!!!

  4. gabriel engrund

    Ellen Brody fick veta om att Sean hennes son dött av den stora mördarhajen jag vet det redan men tre av Hajen-filmerna kan dra åt helvetet. Jaws The Revenge är mycket bättre än HAJEN HAJEN 2 OCH HAJEN 3

  5. Brody "n" Speilberg Lover

    Ellen Brody did witness the scene where Sean imitates Brody, she was stood in the door watching them but is disturbed when Hooper knocks on the door. And the other flashbacks are her imagining what would have happend, that drives her in stabbing the shark and killing it.

  6. Brody "n" Speilberg Lover

    I love you! No one listens to me but you did thank you! I actualy like Jaws: The Revenge.

  7. Brody "n" Speilberg Lover

    Ja, din helt rätt!

  8. this movie was a mistake the shark was poorly made and Ellen Brodhy keeps having flashbacks to things that she never even witnessed how would she know exactly what happened if she didnt witness them and you could not kill a shark by stabbing it with prowl of a boat this movie was a mistake it ruined the jaws franchise and it was released in 2005 a long time after the first jaws was released in 1975 this movie should never have been made it is one of the worst shark attack movies i have ever seen it ruined the first three jaws movies

  9. Nobody said Ellen didn’t witness the scene of Sean imitating his father in Jaws , why do you people keep thinking that?.What is bad is this cute endearing scene which was done so wonderfully in Jaws is blatantly recreated by Ellen’s son and granddaughter in this movie and it tarnishes the original Jaws.

    The comments about scenes she wasn’t witness too could be interpreted as goofs but seem more like bad plot elements by the director/writers as if they needed to give the audience a recap . Like when she is at Sean’s funeral ,his death scene is replayed as a flashback in her mind as if she was there or it could be interpreted as a recap scene for the audience(why ? who the hell know). The finale with her flashing back to her late husband preparing to shoot the shark as she is about to ram it with the boat – either her husband told her what happened and she is visualizing it in flashback for some stupid reason or again it’s a tag for the audience as if to compare the two of them in similar situations about to kill a shark. either way the movie was totally unnecessary and total crap

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