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Get Michael McCormack’s TSISW Soundtrack at JAWSFest


 Just as I told him back in May 2006, this album is dedicated to my favorite actor, Mr. Roy Scheider (1933-2008). I share this dedication with John Williams, Steven Spielberg & the rest of the great cast and crew of the film “Jaws” and the many generations of wonderful fans this timeless, classic film has inspired and entertained. – Michael McCormack

This original soundtrack includes 38 tracks consisting of new instrumental music and two sea shanties inspired by, and meant to evoke, the impact and legacy of the enduring classic film, JAWS. Two newly recorded vocal tracks on the CD, “Show Me the Way to Go Home” and “Spanish Ladies” – feature dynamic lead guitar by Nashville-based guitarist/producer Greg Parker with vocals by Michael McCormack.

Prior to its official release on August 14th, the soundtrack CD for “THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING” will be available at JAWSFEST (in the JAWSTORE from AUGUST 9-11) and available at MichaelMccormackMusic.com, Amazon.com and CDBaby.com beginning AUGUST 14th, 2012 

Michael McCormack, a life-long fan of “JAWS,” is Composer and Co-Producer of “THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING: the Impact and Legacy of Jaws” (along with Producers James Michael Roddy, Erik Hollander, James Gelet and Jake Gove) and a proud sponsor of JAWSFEST – with special thanks to JAWSFEST Event Producer Susan Sigal-Goldsmith, who will feature the music from this CD at the JAWSFEST celebration!

Special Thanks to Rick Jansen and Justin Phillips for making the CD promotional ad and sacrificing their HD camera to that incoming wave! Their highly-recommended production company can be found here – http://www.treehornfilmsllc.com/
CD Artwork Design: Erik Hollander at: http://www.hollanderdesignlab.com/ Thank you Erik for making such beautiful artwork for me! Cal Acord for his copy-written Bruce photo for the disc interior. Thanks to J. Michael Roddy for finding me all those years ago and James Gelet for his support as well. 


A big thank you to Universal Pictures! – Be sure to purchase “THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING” documentary on the “JAWS” Blu-ray released by Universal Studios on August the 14th: http://www.jawsonbluray.com/



THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING is a Finatic Productions, LLC Production. CD Artwork ©2011-2012 Erik Hollander.All Rights Reserved. JAWS is a copyright of Universal Studios LLC. All rights reserved. JAWSFEST is a registered trademark of Universal Studios LLC. All rights reserved.


Quint Recreated for JAWSFest


Quint has been recreated for JAWSFest: The Tribute! Nick Marra created this silicon likeness for Greg Nicotero’s JAWS display at the upcoming JAWS event. For the first JAWSFest, Nicotero created a life-size bust of the shark. The creation and unveiling of the shark was documented in The Shark is Still Working, out August 14th on the JAWS Blu-ray.

Nicotero, of
KNB EFX, is a life-long JAWS fan. Be sure to check out AMC’s The Walking Dead to see Nicotero’s zombies in action.


JawsFest Event Schedule Posted

The JawsFest: The Tribute Event schedule has been posted.

“JAWSFEST includes 4 full days of activities. Events are all rain or shine and all tickets are non-refundable. VIP Presenters listed in some LIVING JAWS sessions may be subject to change. We look forward to seeing you on Amity Island August 9-12!”

Check out the festivities here: http://www.jawstribute.com/p.php/Event_Details



JAWSFest: The Tribute Event Aug 9-12

There is going to be another JAWSFEST!  JAWSFEST: The Tribute will be held August 9-12, 2012 on Martha’s Vineyard, MA, the filming location of the original JAWS. JAWSFEST: The Tribute is being produced by MV Promotions Network, directed by Susan Sigel Goldsmith.  The upcoming event sounds great for JAWS fans:

This three-day fan-centric event will explore the experiences, filming, and memories from the making of JAWS. Our tribute will concentrate on the men and women of JAWS who have passed, with special focus on Peter Benchley, Roy Scheider, and Robert Shaw. We are inviting fans, families, cast, and crew to join us in Amity (Martha’s Vineyard) to share their personal stories, memorabilia, and experiences. This event will explore how the making of JAWS has impacted the lives of those who came to Amity in 1974 and how the blockbuster film they created continues to impact lives today. 9 am to 10 pm various Island locations.

More information about the event can be found here:


Amity or Bust (video)

This video about JAWSFest was created by Joe Fordham of Cinefex Magazine. We interviewed him for The Shark is Still Working.

Amity or Bust from Flashfilms on Vimeo.

Show Me the Way to Go Home at JAWSFest

Click the link below to watch the video:

Check out JAWSFest Photos, too.

JAWSFest 2005 Photos

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