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JAWSFest: The Tribute Event Aug 9-12

There is going to be another JAWSFEST!  JAWSFEST: The Tribute will be held August 9-12, 2012 on Martha’s Vineyard, MA, the filming location of the original JAWS. JAWSFEST: The Tribute is being produced by MV Promotions Network, directed by Susan Sigel Goldsmith.  The upcoming event sounds great for JAWS fans:

This three-day fan-centric event will explore the experiences, filming, and memories from the making of JAWS. Our tribute will concentrate on the men and women of JAWS who have passed, with special focus on Peter Benchley, Roy Scheider, and Robert Shaw. We are inviting fans, families, cast, and crew to join us in Amity (Martha’s Vineyard) to share their personal stories, memorabilia, and experiences. This event will explore how the making of JAWS has impacted the lives of those who came to Amity in 1974 and how the blockbuster film they created continues to impact lives today. 9 am to 10 pm various Island locations.

More information about the event can be found here:


Get JAWS: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard

You can now order the new book JAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard. This very cool book for any JAWS collector is now shipping. There are two versions available, see below for details.

You can preview some of the rare photos the book features here: preview pages

JAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard (Paperback) $59.95 (order here)

  • 12″ x 10.5″, 296 pages
  • More than 1,000 full color and b/w images


JAWS: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard (Limited Collectors Edition) $250 (order here)

Deluxe portfolio containing:

  • 1″x1″ piece of the fiberglass hull of the Orca II (a.k.a., sinking Orca) used in the movie JAWS with note of authenticity from owners Lynn and Susan Murphy.
  • DVD containing eight millimeter behind the scenes footage of the JAWS production shot and narrated by Islander Carol Fligor.
  • Hardcover and portfolio packaged in a unique special edition case.
  • Limited to a series of 1000 numbered copies
  • 12″ x 10.5″, 296 pages
  • More than 1,000 full color and b/w images


You can order either version on the official JAWS: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard website.

Amity or Bust (video)

This video about JAWSFest was created by Joe Fordham of Cinefex Magazine. We interviewed him for The Shark is Still Working.

Amity or Bust from Flashfilms on Vimeo.

Latest Info on ‘JAWS 35: A Tribute’ Event

After reporting last week that the event was on for this fall, it is now delayed until 2011.

The latest:

This past week, JAWS© celebration event promoter Susan Sigel Goldsmith received the official response from Universal Studios to her request for permission to develop and promote ‘Jaws35 : The Tribute’ in fall of 2010. The request was denied for that time period. Universal indicated this denial was due to a new release for JAWS currently being scheduled in 2011. Sigel Goldsmith indicated it seems likely that permission would be granted for celebration timed with the new release in 2011, thereby creating an anticipated delay of roughly 6 months.

“While we are disappointed that we will not be able to deliver an event to the fans in 2010, we are overjoyed at the possibility of having Universal Studios involved in a way similar to JawsFest ‘05”, says Sigel Goldsmith who co-directed the event with the MV Chamber of Commerce in 2005. We will spend the next few days communicating with supporters who have been helping lay the foundation for the event and will be looking at how to use these extra few months to make the celebration a more compelling experience for those who come to Amity in 2011….

From 1/21/10:

The talks with Universal to have this event as an official “GO” should be over in about a week!!! The scheduled dates for the event on Martha’s Vineyard are Sept 30, Oct 1 and Oct 2, 2010!!!

Save the dates, but HOLD off on getting airline tickets until the official announcement is made which (with fingers crossed) should be in about a week. They are also working on complete packages that will include event bracelets, transportation while on Island, and rooms at a variety of price points. These will be the “best-value” deals.

The official site, which will launch upon approval from Universal, is at http://www.jaws35.com and will come live as soon as talks with Universal are final.

Also, as the event is a tribute, they will be launching http://www.JawsTribute.com where you can post 2000 words about what the film has meant to you. They will be collecting these Web submissions over the months preceding the event and plan to compile them into books to give to the families, cast and crew as a memorial. You can work on your submission while they work on getting approval from Universal.

JAWSFest 2005 Photos

1988 Martha’s Vineyard Pics Part 1

1988 Martha’s Vineyard Pics Part 1

by Erik Hollander

Lynn Murphy and myself posing with the fishing pole used by Quint on the Orca. Lynn was so good to us. He gave us an exhaustive tour of his place and all the props used in the film, many of which were in his home. He also shared many pictures from shooting that were in his photo album.

Erik and the surly island original, Craig Kingsbury. What a character! He was incredibly gracious to us and spent a couple of hours talking to us as he worked around his farm. He is JUST like his character, Ben Gardener, in the film, except he still has his head.

Chuck and Jeffrey Voorhees (Alex Kintner) Jeff works as a restaurant manager and graciously took some time off to talk with us. He even gave me one of his original 'Jaws' paycheck stubs from Universal and the envelope it came in. Nice guy.

Lee Fierro (Mrs. Kintner) and Chuck Gramling

Mark and Phil Dube, who played one of the prominent town fathers. He's the one that Mayor Vaughn urged to go in the water on the Fourth of July when nobody else was going in.

Chris Rebello (Michael Brody)

Chuck standing above the "Good Time II" ferry to Chappaquidick, seen early in the film.

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