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JAWS Lost Scenes

With most movies, a lot more footage is filmed than actually ends up in the final product. JAWS is no exception, with a large number of scenes that were cut, many due to the fact that the mechanical shark rarely worked as planned. Some of these scenes turned up in the ABC television version of JAWS that aired back in the late 1970s-early 1980s. Many more of these “lost” scenes were first available to fans on the 20th Anniversary Laserdisc version of JAWS and now are available on the 30th Anniversary DVD version of JAWS.

Special thanks to Lisa Holliday for capturing and providing the video clips!

Brody and Ellen in the Kitchen

Brody and Ellen talk in the kitchen and Ellen feeds their two cocker spaniels

RealAudio | Windows Media

Cassidy Talks to Brody

Brody and Cassidy walk along the beach and discuss where Cassidy is from and the summer house Cassidy and friends are renting.

Windows Media

Cassidy Identifies Chrissie’s Remains

Brody has Cassidy look at what’s left of Chrissie after the two talk about the summer house Cassidy and friends are renting.

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Quint and His Little Buddy #1

The little guy who works for Quint refuses to go with Quint on his quest to kill the shark.

RealAudio | Windows Media

Quint and His Little Buddy #2

The little guy and Quint stroll down the streets of Amity accompanied by a dog.

Ben Gardner’s Commentary

Ben Gardner comments on the people walking by him on the dock and talks to Brody and Hooper

Windows Media

Amateur Shark Hunters

Chaotic scenes of all the amateur shark hunters in their boats.

Windows Media

Vaughn on Parade

Walking through the middle of the parade, Mayor Vaughn discusses putting up signs with Hendricks.

Windows Media

Hooper and Vaughn on the Ferry

Mayor Vaughn and Brody talk about Brody’s hiring and vandalism while on the ferry.

Windows Media

Hooper Tells Brody About His Phone Calls
On the way to cut open the tiger shark, Hooper talks about a woman with whom he apparently had phone sex.

RealAudio | Windows Media

Quint’s Truck

A black truck comes to a stop, camera is on driver side door, door has the name “Quint” and a drawing of a shark on it, door opens and Quint steps out.

Windows Media

Quint Torments Boy in Music Store

Quint enters a music store to buy piano wire. A boy is there playing a song on a clarinet. Quint mimics what the boy is playing, getting louder and louder until the boy loses his composure and stops playing.


Shark Goes After Michael Brody

After the shark attacks the guy in the Estuary, it goes after Michael Brody, with the Estuary guy still in its jaws. The Estuary guy, barely alive, pushes Michael out of the way, saving Michael’s life.

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