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Movie Minutiae: Jaws (1975)

Apparently, the mechanical sharks, at $US250,000 a piece, had a penchant for breaking down …

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JAWS – Spielberg’s First Masterpiece

Only his second feature film, Jaws cemented Steven Spielberg’s status as a great director in my mind. Jaws was also the first modern blockbuster, which helped to usher in the dreadful three-month wasteland of mindless action pictures and comedies known as the summer season, but I won’t hold that against it.

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Spielberg on Video Games – Pong, JAWS, Rock Band, Boom Blox

I was making Jaws and living on Martha’s Vineyard. Somebody plugged in a coin op game called Pong at the merry-go-round in Oak Bluffs.

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The Visual Language of JAWS – JAWS Shot by Shot

alt text

Jaws. The defining film in my life. The first film I remember seeing as a child remains my favorite film of all time.

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