JAWS Reboot in 3D?

The internet was abuzz recently about the news of an upcoming JAWS reboot to be done in 3D. After the massive success of James Cameron’s Avatar, Hollywood is all over 3D, so this really comes as no surprise. The surprise though was that Tracy Morgan, of the NBC sitcom “30 Rock” was rumored to be playing Matt Hooper, which would make the remake a comedy? No!

Over at Cinema Blend, this is what was said:

“A source of ours over at Universal Pictures says the studio is strongly considering a remake of the summer blockbuster in hopes of dazzling younger audiences with new special effects. Their claim is that people now expect more, visually, from their movie going experience. So, Hollywood studios are inclined to take some of their tried and true franchise names like Jaws and bring them into the 3D world.Our insider says Tracy Morgan was at one point being considered for the part of Matt Hooper, previously played by Richard Dreyfuss. While it’s uncertain whether that’s still the plan, it does indicate that they seem to be taking a more comedic direction with the part.”

MTV caught up with Tracy Morgan at the premiere of Cop Out and asked him about the Jaws remake. Morgan: “I would love to do a ‘Jaws’ movie. That was a great, great franchise. I would love to do ‘Jaws.'” But when asked if anyone has ever spoken to him about it, he answered: “Not yet.”

Video clip via MTV below:

Hollywood loves remakes, so there is no doubt in my mind that a JAWS reboot in 3D will be coming, and as much as I, and other fans are not in favor of it, we will all plunk down our hard earned cash and see it. Universal knows this — there is a lot of money to be made. My hope is that they treat it seriously, and not make it a comedy or a jokey action flick. The original JAWS is a classic, with Oscar-nominated actors providing perfect performances. Please don’t cheapen the legacy of JAWS any more than 1983’s JAWS 3-D and 1987’s JAWS the Revenge already have.

What do you think? Do you think a remake of JAWS could actually work? Who would YOU like to see in the roles of Hooper, Brody and Quint (and Mayor Vaughn, Ellen Brody and Bad Hat Harry)? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. There is no way on God’s green earth that I would step foot in a theater to see a JAWS remake with the incredibly unfunny and untalented Tracy Morgan in it. Not a chance.

  2. They BETTER NOT remake the GREATEST summer film of all-time! This is so pathetic for so many reasons with reason #1 being that Hollywood has OFFICIALLY run out of ideas, so they are remaking every great film under the sun. Remakes are pointless, stupid and a waste of time.

  3. I’ve seen JAWS too many times to count including actually seing it on the big screen as a kid. I never read the book. I just got the audio version and am currently listening a little each night. If they made a remake closer to the book, I think it would an all new movie with a few familiar scenes and names from the orginal. As far as who would be in the movie? I think they should find some real good unknown actors,so we can concentrate on the story.

  4. This is one movie that can never be remade…I don’t care what kind of new technology there is..Schieder, Shaw and Dreyfuss cannot be beat.

  5. On a Tracy Morgan note, Cop Out has been critically panned. The movie is actually directed by Kevin Smith of Clerks fame. It was the first movie he directed from a script that he did not write. I was hoping Kevin would finally get a mainstream hit as I have been a fan of his for years. He was also such a nice guy and entertaining interview subject for TSISW.

  6. Well this is an awful idea as pitched. A reboot could work if taken seriously and not all about special effects. But that’s not what’s going to happen. Studios don’t get that less is more, and every summer they try to out do themselves… totally forgetting the idea that truly classic good film will make money for years to come. So you get all this new stuff, that in 20 years won’t be worth the silicone its printed on, ie Transformers, 2012, National Treasure, AliensVsPreditor, etc. As for Hollywood running out of ideas, no thats not the case, there are plenty of creative with new ideas but new good ideas usually don’t sell to modern day studios. The reason being that almost all studios are now run by risk averse corporations, and as we know from recent all giant corporations care about is the bottom line and shareholders, oh and fat bonuses. As long as morons keep going to horrible summer blockbusters like Transformers and the like they are going to keep doing stuff like this. If anything, remakes are the least risky thing to do, because they have a built in audience of suckers, and they know it. Maybe this will usher in the end of the remake, but I wouldn’t bet on it. It would be funny for blockbusters to begin and end with Jaws.

  7. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! WTH??? Am I on Drugs?? Tracey Morgan As Hooper.. I rather be gagged thank you.. If this is remade i swear i will not step one foot in a theater as long as i live!. YOU DO NOT REMAKE A CLASSIC LIKE JAWS..

  8. This comes as no surprise to me. We all know that as jaws fans,we have been expecting some kind of remake or sequal for sometime, now. As a fan i don’t want a remake. I belive they should just remaster and re-release the origanl in 3D. theactual re-release of course That would be awesome.

  9. I Think a Remake would be Okay! That is, IF it Could be Remade in Such a way, that would Erase the Sequels that Proceeded the Original Jaws! Steven Spielberg Did a WONDERFUL Job Making Jaws! The Cast & Crew were FANTASTIC! Robert Matte’s 3 Sharks DID THE JOB, Despite All the Problems that took place in the Making of it! But, Here We are in the 21st Century, with Better Special Effects, and More Ability for Realism! I have a Script in Mind, and a More Impressive Ending on How to Kill The Shark THIS Time! As for the Cast & Crew, I Think Chris Rock as Matt Hooper, Ed Norton as Chief Brody, and Bruce Willis as Quint, would be AWESOME, for the Three Guys going after The Eating Machine! The Way I’d Relieve the Shark of His Hunger is VERY VERY NERVE FRYING! I Will NOT Say HOW for Obvious Reasons, But as a Member of The Audience Myself, I’d say that THIS Ending is INCREDIBLE!! Much More VIOLENT Than an Airtank Could Be!! Other Actors would include, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz,and Matt Damon! The Shark…. 45 Feet! 4 Tons of ‘Em! )—-^—–;)

  10. who dood the doodaaaaaaah?

  11. Richard Parsons

    I am a huge Fan of Jaws and I am a dedicated to the protection of Sharks.

    Jaws is a historical picture that should reamin untouched. I don’t understand why Hollywood wish to keep remaking things. Other than the money point of view.

    Please leave Jaws alone, don’t touch!.


  12. I am a bit torn. I was all up in arms when they said that they were going to re-do Friday the 13th but they did and I loved it and it didn’t take away from my love of the original. Now, JAWS is my favourite movie of all time. My initial reaction is “eeeewwwwwwww!” but on the same token I would love another JAWS film so maybe…why not? As for the cast? Mmmm… Brody- Timothy Olyphant; Quint- Ed Harris; Hooper- Sam Worthington (yeah I know but why not); Ellen Brody- Jessica Beil; Mayor Vaughan- Oliver Platt. What do you think?

  13. NO NO NO please dont remake this film with this so called tracy morgan? if ur gonna remake it cast better actors and dont make it into a comedy film. The original jaws wasnt funny dats why people were scared to get into the water when it was released in the 70’s.

  14. Hollywood sucks. Remakes suck.
    Tracy Morgan? as Matt Hooper?
    Thats like saying Jimmy Fallon as Virgil Tibbs.
    Let us never forget the unforgettable Cedric the Entertainer as Ralph Kramden.
    Hollywood needs to learn from its mistakes

  15. My mistake – Let us never forget the FORGETTABLE Cedric the Entertainer as Ralph Kramden

  16. Ernie’s suggestion actually sounds plausible for a remake – Making it closer to the books story with unknown actors could be something.

  17. I think they should only Re-Master Jaws into 3D not Remake it Totally.

  18. it could work but I think billy bob thorton as quint.

  19. I would hope that this movie would not be remade. It is a classic! As for Tracey Morgan playing Hooper, could they make a worse choice? If it is made, and I pray to God that it isn’t, I will go see it with an open mind, but my expectations will not be very high.

  20. If this means, Jaws (1975) will get a blu-ray release and a fresh re-mastered bells and whistles print, yes! Universal, go remake Jaws. Have a ball. At least for those (like me) who won’t see the remake will have comfort in owning the original in 1080p!


  22. This is one classic movie that I feel very strongly about not being made into a remake. To see the movie industry try to capture the “feeling” of what that movie did back in the 70’s is impossible. Kids now a day just aren’t the same and most of the really ardent “Jaws” fans will refuse to see the remake, I know for a fact I will. I remember that my sister and I refused to step in the ocean for about a year after seeing that movie, hell my sister refused to even go swimming in a pool after that movie. Besides, Hollywood will screw it up by turning it into a modern “politically correct” movie and replace Shaw or Schieder with some female.

  23. That’s a GREAT idea!!! Then do a GODFATHER remake! In 3D!! With Jim Carrey as Don Corleone!! Why stop there?? THE KIDS WANT VISUAL EFFECTS!! IN 3D!!!!! The list is endless!! Dog Day Afternoon IN 3D!!! RAGING BULL IN 3D!!!! (woah! it’s like he’s actually punching you in the face!)
    This is all Cameron’s fault. I’m so glad Avatar got screwed at the Academy Awards.
    No, come to think of it, this is George Lucas’ fault! He started messing around with Star Wars.
    TAXI DRIVER IN 3D!!!! Are you talking to me?? HELL YES!!! It’s 3D!!!

  24. Wat da this is not funny you cant remake jaws thats a horrible idea leave the classics alone man take your overfancy special efects and remake some rubish film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if they do i wont watch it the people who do remmake it will be savaged by sharks!
    rerealeasing a 3-D version of the orignal jaws 🙂 thats a good idea

  25. i think the movie should completely follow quints life from the uss indy til his death. focus on quint,and you can atleast show respect to jaws. thanks,larry vaugn, vaugn realty

  26. I am with those who would like to see the original movie painstakingly remastered and perhaps rerendered into the new 3D. With todays technology there is no reason that the original film cannot be completely digitized and then “altered” in some software program.

    Lucas did it with Star Wars.

    More than anything I want a lovingly remastered Blu-Ray version of Jaws with “The Shark is Still Working” included in it’s entirety, and with it should come a lifetime membership to a permanent web content of Jaws interviews and all the television interviews that were done before, during, and after the original release in 1975. I know that there are several talkshow interviews out there that I haven’t seen since 1975…some great moments with the stars when they were young and fresh off the set…

    Please Universal, if you have a soul, let this happen.

  27. please do not remake this movie, tracy morgan whats going on here? is every body at universal smoking crack

  28. how about Rob Schnieder as Hooper, Adrian Brody as Chief Brody, Clint Eastwood as Quint,or Terrance Stamp as Quint, William Hurt as Mayor Vaughn,Naomi Watts as Ellen Brody

  29. Russell Crowe or tom bergeron as Quint, Oliver Platt as Brody, Matt Damon as Hooper? either or..i could get into a remake of the original Jaws if it was done as good as the first one. The special effects on the shark as done in deep blue sea( even better today )would be out of this world, but the storyline would have to be as realistic as the first one. Jaws 2 was not bad, the ones that followed just plain sucked.Again, not to take away from the original Jaws movie that scared the heck out of me as a young teen when i first saw it at a drive in up at Wellfleet drive in at Cape Cod mass while camping across the street at Maurice’s campground.. the next day we walked to the beach from there and i couldnt go in the water..heh heh

  30. i think its greatest to do a ramake of the most shocking picture in the history of hollywood. I recommend that spielberg direct again and the actors are quint billy bob thornton,bruce willis , martin brody, tom cruise and matt hooper , oliver platt. halle berry or jeniffer lopez in the character of christtie, the first victim of Jaws,helen brody, noami watts.Mayor Vaughn, clint esatwood. thats really cool. a biggest hit around the world. lets do it hollywood thats the perfect Jaws remake.

  31. Actually I would love to see a remake of Jaws,That would be awesome. but not in 3D please, that would bite no pun intended. I would keep it as close to the original story line as you possibly could, just scarier. If you pulled this off I want to expect not to sleep soundly for at least 2 days.

    I would want it so scary that you would think twice before you take a bath.

  32. After reading the comments from the others, I do feel a bit torn over it. Please if you do this No Tracy Morgan he is a no talented hack and the movie would flop big time if he was in it. HOLLYWOOD! Listen to the movie goers we know what sales and we know what we want to see and you don’t.

    I like the idea of a jaws remake You could make it close to the book and and some what close to the original story line. Just no 3D version please. When I saw Jaws 3 again (which I had not seen it in years) the other night when I ordered off of On Demand from TWC I laughed the 3d version of Jaws 3 3D was such an Epic fail. I didn’t waste much money viewing this only a $1.99 But I turned it off and went to bed. Jaws 3 and 4 were just to stupid.

    I love the Original Jaws and you can’t beat a classic. I like the idea but please HOLLYWOOD do not louse this up. Yall have Fuggered things up in the past with remakes and the Jason. VS. Freddy was a Epic fail in my book.

    I kinda liked the remakes of Halloween 1 and 2 i was iffy on them still am.. Just

  33. How about a remastered 3D version of the original with updated technology inserted – things like the background on Hooper’s boat but with a small flatscreen showing Google, and maybe a new suit and tie for the mayor. You know, little thing intercut twith the original – i don’t think that’s ever been done. And did I say make it 3D? How about an extended ending with a present Richard Dreyfuss reflecting on the events like he’s just entered a video log or something. You could even start the movie with a few seconds of that.

    A remake could be done if some soulful, loyal and caring team would do the work.

  34. I think Sly Stallone would make a good Chief Brody, if you seen him in Copland, i think you would agree.

  35. This could be the SINGLE worst idea in the long history of cinematic bad ideas. Tracy Morgan as Hooper? Well hell, why not rubber faced Jim Carrey as Brody? Or hey! How about Tim Allen as Quint while you’re at it. If you’re not even going to draw from A-list talent, then you’re off to a real miserable start.
    I, for one, will NOT plunk down ANY hard-earned cash to see this (if, God forbid, it ever sees the light of a projection lamp).

    JAWS is (as my wife and I have often said) “nature’s most perfect film.” The perfect synthesis of character, action and horror. A remake of ANY kind (let alone a semi-comic one) would be disastrous. The only question left would be a question of degree; just how much would it stink? I’d rather not know!

    As for the rumor (and may it stay a mere rumor), I say, “cut this ugly son of a b***h down before it stinks up the whole island (or internet)!”

  36. And ‘ben gardner’ above had a GREAT idea for a viable, cinematic JAWS revival: a full-on, cinematic telling of the USS Indianapolis story! There’s your new JAWS movie right there.

    Imagine a 20-something Quint and his (real-life) shipmates, struggling to survive several days on the open water with a sea full of sharks, courtesy of top-notch visual effects (or even a well-placed rubber fin here and there; you don’t need much to evoke real horror when you have the audience’s attention).

    It’d be like Jim Cameron’s TITANIC without the tacked-on romance, and a whole hell of a lot of terror. With the ‘true life’ resonance of the best stories, it could be called JAWS: USS INDIANAPOLIS. That very title card would send shivers down the spine of a true JAWS fan.

    But a remake? That’s doomed to failure, and it could only serve to soil the name of the original, no matter how good the shark CGI would be. Remember, the first film didn’t rely on the effects. A couple of buoyed barrels were enough to scare us in the original, and they’re still mighty effective, IMO.

  37. No no no no no no.

  38. Speilberg and Lucas, with all their money and resources, couldn’t get Indiana Jones IV right. Not even close. A JAWS remake would be disastrous and a joke. But Hollywood will do it anyway. Here’s an idea: Have dumbass Roland Emmerich direct it and have Will Smith as Brody, Jeff Goldblum as Hooper and Robert Loggia as Quint. And LOTS of retarded CGI!! THAT would make all of the morons who thought “Twister” was the greatest movie of all time happy. Please. I’m embarrassed to be an American when I see the previews for these “summer blockbusters” and watch them break box office records. Typical fast-food Americana…

  39. The stupid and scary thing is, I’m reading a lot of these comments and cannot believe how stupid they sound. Oh yeah, let’s have a bunch of super-popular and famous A-listers play all the roles! DUHH!? “Oh. it’d be GREAT! Clint Eastwood as Quint.. Billy Bob as Brody.. Bruce Willis as Hooper.. Beyonce as Helen Brody..” LAME. But this is the stupid f-ing mentality of today’s typical movie goer. Brain. Dead.

  40. I always felt a jaws prequel about quint on the Indiana would be a cooler way to go, and at most a digital cleanup on the original.

  41. Jaws is my favorite movie of all time. There is no way that any remake could surpass the original. Ive always figured someone would want to remake Jaws and I have been afraid that they would replace Jaws with CGI technology. Many movies are ruined with CGI. As far as this Tracy guy playing Matt Hooper is a very big mistake with this movie and they haven’t even decided if they are going to do it or not. That doesn’t say much for the movie. Sometimes you just wanna smack someone.

  42. Remake with Tracy Morgan as Hooper?…….Now THAT’S some bad hat Harry!!!

  43. I would love to see a JAWS remake in 3-D. Believe it or not, I think Jason Voorhees actor Kane Hodder would make a good Quint! The part of Sheriff Brody should be played by Nicholas Cage. And Hooper should be played by Seth Green (wearing glasses of course!). Picture that cast!

  44. OMG, are they out of their minds??? A remake of a perfect movie, all for the sake up updating the Special FX??? Ugh, anyone remember Deep Blue Sea??? That sucked! CGI done wrong (i.e. Huge lumbering cratures, moving at lightning speed) ruins a movie faster than lame actors with cheesy lines. Remakes should ONLY be reserved for movies that were mediocre at best back in the day and NEEDS to be redone. (Loguns Run or Westworld anyone?) Jaws is my all time favorite movie due to the actors, the lack of seeing the Shark (but knowing it was there, somewhere) and story was perfect. Please don’t ruin the name with a lackluster remake with different actors trying to play the same guys. (Tracy Morgan??? Ugh why not just get Tyler Perry or Will Smith or Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy???? Shoot me now….)

    Just say no to remake!

  45. NOT IN MY HARBOR !!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Quint's Squint

    Ouch. Please, please, please…. no.

    Look, I’ll go on record as saying I’m a huge fan of T Morgan. 30 Rock is SO funnies. OK, but this is JAWS. Could this be his Big Dramatic Turn? If not, this would be the SUPERMAN III of the Jaws franchise… a film series, by the way, in NO desperate need of a floating turd sequel. In fact, it might be said that JAWS: THE REVENGE was the worst and dumbest idea ever made into a feature length, major studio release. (Ishtar, which I’ve never seen, can’t be THAT bad…)

    A White Shark, for personal reasons, follows Brody family from New England to Jamaica?! Mario Van People’s Choice?! A Quint-chip-off called Hoagy?!? Who lands a plane in the middle of the shark’s infested waters…?!!
    Boat SPEARS shark…??!!?!?!
    I could go on and on and on.

    And, in the case of that disaster, at least there was no leering 3D (see JAWS 3-D), and no faux-ny CGI (remember the Cinneburst commercial?)… The only “next step” this could seem to take would be to denigrate the franchise EVEN FURTHER.
    Bad, bad, bad idea guys. Bad one.

    A Suggested Prayer List:
    1. for JAWS on Bluray
    2. for the Original JAWS printed in 3D
    3. for good Producers to look far and wide for a strong sequel idea
    4. that the whole world will watch EXPEDITION GREAT WHITE!!!

  47. Quint's Squint

    Oh, and the entirety of THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING on Bluray & DVD!!

  48. I can see Liam Neeson as Quint, the other parts I’m not sur, have to think a bit but tracy Morgan, thats as stupid as another story I read about making Spiderman Black

  49. but beyond all that it’s a dumb idea…………..I would rather them produce a realistic storyline then to re-do a great but unrealistic story. Its all about being cheap people, why pay for a new story when the own the Jaws script already

  50. I think it’s an awesome idea but not Tracy Morgan u might as well put Vince Vaughn Adam sandler in it too maybe even Seth Rogan if u do that..

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