Deleted scene from The Shark is Still Working: JAWS Sequels

Deleted scene from the longer cut of TSISW – JAWS Sequels, featuring producers Zanuck and Brown, production designer Joe Alves, screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, and others:


  1. I disagree that Jaws 2 was underrated. I do agree with Roys’ comment that Godfather 2 was better than the first. I don’t buy the story from “Sean Brody” about real hammerheads being present while filming.This makes for a nice story but it just sounds like a lot of B.S. to me.

  2. I loved Jaws 2. Had original cast and great story. It is “underrated” and deserves a little more respect than it gets…..

  3. i didnt like the burnt shark, but i lovesed it as much as 1, after 2 it went to hell

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  5. No its not very good. I just re-watched it. Its better then J3 & J4 but so what

  6. Pls put it back up on YouTube, so we can see the interview. N pls put the full interview up from both sean brody’s, p.s I like jaws 2 Marc Gilpin better x

  7. pls put it back on, i really want to see the interview. it says user has removed this video, pls put it back on!

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