JAWS Gets Theatrical Re-Release in UK – Why Not US?

JAWS is getting a theatrical re-release in the UK and Quint of Ain’t It Cool News has seen the 4K restoration print. Quint discusses how phenomenal it looks and argues for a US theatrical re-release as well. Why not? Would you plunk down your hard-earned cash to enjoy JAWS on the big screen this summer? Leave your answer in the comments!

Read all of Quint’s article at the AICN website.



  1. Let’s start a riot & demand it!!!!!!!!

  2. YOUR GONNA NEED A BIGGER SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh crap ! Just my luck to be in the US this summer…..Im cancelling my ticket !

  4. Its the greatest film ever made and deserves a world wide re release for maybe just a month. I think it would make some money. Its a cinema film. So happy its coming back to the Big Screen here. :-))))))

  5. Scotland awaits………buzzing!!!!!

  6. I live in Canada and would totally pay to watch Jaws on the big screen because I have never seen it on the big screen

  7. I would sooo love to see Jaws on the big screen!!!!!!!!!

  8. a couple years ago my wife and a bunch of friends and I were able to see it on the big screen in Sommerville but that was an original pressing. Any chance we can get to see it on the big screen would be awesome

  9. Saw Jaws on the BIG screen at the AFI Silver Springs restored Art Deco theater near DC a couple of years ago as part of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. It was GREAT seeing it on the big screen again. It should have been re-released this weekend in the US for the start of the summer season. If it can be re-leased in the UK it would make even more money here, especially since it was filmed on the East Coast. It still holds up and needs to be seen on the big screen to really appreciate and get the “reel” feel of the ocean. Great above and below cinematography. Watching Jaws marathon on Max HD cable now!

  10. John Cummings

    My favorite film. I’m wanting to take my kids to see it. Please release in US. It’s more diserving than Lion King or Phantom Menace.

  11. Finally…. the best film ever made back where it should be.

  12. I’d love to see it on the big screen!

  13. Looking forward to seeing this as I live in the UK. It makes no sense not showing it in the US though, it’s an American movie for god’s sake. Everyone should be able to enjoy the re-release! 🙂

  14. I was lucky enough to see it last summer at a PACKED theater in Oakland.
    I’m not overstating this… it was magic.

  15. Well folks saw the rerelease with my pal in Dublin, Monday night. Showing happened to coincide with an Ireland euro 2012 soccer match so there were about 12 people in the theatre. Pity, because the movie is such a crowd pleaser.
    Happy to report though that the transfer is fab and a major improvement on the 2000 DVD rerelease, hard to believe the movie is nearly 40 years old because it looks so fresh. The audio track was also sensational. Still Spielberg’s best.
    I don’t think the bluray will disappoint.

  16. Hi, I saw the new print in a UK cinema today and it is superb and am sorry that the US arn’t getting the same opportunity, but I think the only reason it’s on in the UK otherthan to promote the Blu ray is we have the Euro 2012 going on and big releases are holding off until that’s over. Can’t wait for my Blu ray copy.

  17. @ Ian
    + 1 on your suggestion that really the release is a gap filler for Universal until the Euro 2012 soccer competition ends. Looking at the UK box office stats for last weekend, which includes screens in Ireland, Jaws took in a tiny 200k dollars from approx 320 screens.
    Having said that I’m grateful to whomever came up with the idea of a wide cinema rerelease. It’s funny but it’s in some of the non-action scenes that a viewing benefits from a big screen presentation, for example the ambushing of Brody by the towns great and good during the merit swim badge scene, the first appearance of Quint at the town meeting and the classic scene between Brody and Sean at the dinner table. Spielberg’s composition of those scenes is superb.
    What’s also particularly pleasing is that this presentation shows what a great job Bill Butler did in shooting the picture.
    Btw the reverse zoom shot on the beach into Brody is fantastically queasy on the big screen. Outstanding.

  18. Personally speaking, (as the biggest Jaws fan the world has ever seen!) I will not be going to see this. Why? It’s not a 35mm print and for the record this is a digital restoration, not a ‘print’ which looks incredible on Blu-Ray, not on 50 foot cinema screens. I will wait for a new 35mm version or I won’t bother, and I recommend boycotting this release until new 35mm restoration prints are struck by Universal. Spielberg approved this for home video not theatrical release and he hates digital projection of his movies. Do you really want to see something that Spielberg thinks is inferior? I don’t. Aanyway, there’s no reason that this shouldn’t be on Amwerican screens, it’s soooooo cheap to do!

  19. Sorry to burst you bubble Jamie but if Spielberg didnt approve this release for cinema viewing why did he personally introduce a screening of the rerelease at this years Cannes film festival? I think if you get a chance to see this transfer on a big screen you will be pleasantly surprised.

  20. Hell yea, i’d love to see this on the big screen!!

  21. JAWS is showing theatrically in the U.S. on Thursday, August 23 at 2pm and 7pm at a number of Cinemark theatres.


  22. Thanks, I hadn’t heard that! Hope it’ll be in my area. Also, Blu Ray released this Tuesday

  23. Just came back from seeing it a screening at my local community center and it was just amazing, it felt just like when my parents took me to see it.
    If you have the chance you owe it to yourself to see it on a big screen.

  24. I live in NC and would love to see Jaws on the big screen. I bet it would do better than anyone would ever expect it to.

  25. @Mark – probably becuase he doesn’t have a choice as to how it’s presented. Universal owns the rights to Jaws, not Spielberg. If it was down to Spielberg he would have struck new 35mm prints, which are 100 times better than any digital ‘prints’ of 35mm films. I had the opportunity to see 35mm and digital projections of ‘The Dark Knight’ last month and 35mm still wins.

  26. There is actually a re-release of Jaws in the US at the moment – and it is available in both newly made 35mm prints and digital versions.

  27. PS: Let’s have E.T. now!!

  28. PPS: And before I forget ‘Halloween’ as it’s that time of year again!!!

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