Welcome to JAWSmovie.com! I created this page to honor one of the best films ever made.


JAWS came out in the summer of 1975. I was only a little kid then, and it scared the hell out me, but I also loved it. How many more kids were thinking that a shark was going to come up and get them whenever they went swimming? I sure did, even though I knew that there were no sharks in freshwater. I just couldn’t shake the images from the film.

When I got older, I began to appreciate the film on a different level. After watching it so many times on television and video, I started to figure out why I loved JAWS so much. The casting choices were perfect. My favorite character is Quint, and Robert Shaw is riveting, particularly in the scene when he talks about the USS Indianapolis. Richard Dreyfuss as the intellectual Hooper and Roy Scheider as the everyman Brody are also excellent. Steven Spielberg builds the suspense very effectively throughout the film, teasing us, never showing the shark fully until the finale.

Why JAWSmovie.com?

I began messing around with web pages in the spring of 1995 and had created one as a tribute to my favorite college basketball team, The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. One of my favorite things to do on the web is to check out the pages for my favorite films. I was searching around for a JAWS page and was surprised to find that there wasn’t one, so I took it upon myself (in September of 1995) to create JAWSmovie.com (originally called JAWS – The Home Page).

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Special thanks to:
Jim Schmaltz, Roger Ebert, Steven M. Clark, John Rorland, Mitch Boone, Eric Krueger, Carl Gottlieb, Erik Hollander, Chuck Gramling, Michael Roddy, Sheila Cross, S. Michael Simms, and Eddie McCormack, Jim Beller, and Darrell Ritchie.

  1. Can anyone tell me the name of the Shark advisor on the Jaws films?

  2. Sarah, the advisors were Ron and Valerie Taylor

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