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JAWS Super 8mm Version

Eddie McCormack of uploaded this to YouTube and says about it:

“Following the release of JAWS in 1975 the world was awash with related tie-in memorabilia, among the endless items was a single Super 8mm cine reel featuring a heavily edited version of the blockbuster long out of print.

One of the most notable features about of the Super 8mm edition of JAWS is the opening attack on swimmer ‘Chrissie Watkins’, it’s common knowledge that the scene was shot ‘day for night’ for the movie, but less known is the fact that an ungraded version of the daytime shot footage that differs from the final movie appears on the Super 8mm edition.

This discovery was one of the main reasons I originally wanted to convert and view this version of the movie. Obviously due the nature and age of the source material used, the section isn’t perfect but I’ve enhanced the scene to try and present it as clean and bright as the original cine without going too over the top with the contrast and colour correction.

I will be revisiting this at a later stage to restore the original audio, but for now I hope JAWS fans out there enjoy this vintage reel.”

New JAWS Shirt on Threadless

Check it out, “Quint’s Fish Paste” by JimmyC. Jimmy says, “I’m a big fan of the movie Jaws and the captain of the Orca, Quint, who is one of my heroes and an icon of film history. The movie was released in the year I was born so it holds a special place in my life.”

Vote it up on Threadless here:

New JAWS Game Available for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

The first new JAWS game since JAWS Unleashed is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch! In the game you play as Chief Brody and your job is to keep the waters of Amity Island safe, flicking swimmers to safety one finger at a time.

New JAWS Making Of Book Coming Soon!

Documenting the impact of the film on island history has been a full-time job over the last two years for Matt Taylor, who is polishing a 300-page account of how “Jaws” was made.

The book, titled “Martha’s Vineyard Remembers Jaws,” includes about 800 never before published photographs of the production snapped by islanders, and 65 interviews with those closest to the filming.

Taylor said readers will be surprised to learn about the impact island residents had on the film’s success, pointing particularly to contributions from Susan and Lynn Murphy.
Lynn Murphy, a Vineyard marine mechanic, was hired to help run the special effects in the water.

“They were having a terrible time with it until Lynn came along and set everything straight,” said Taylor. “Lynn, and his knowledge of how to do things on the water, really saved the production.”

The photos in his book were compiled by “Jaws” fan and memorabilia collector Jim Beller who, despite technology advances that make some of the “Jaws” special effects look rudimentary 35 years later, isn’t worried the movie will lose its luster for the “Avatar” generation of fans.

“If you love a good suspenseful movie, a movie that has everything, or you are a Steven Spielberg fan, see it,” he said. “If you like swimming — think twice.”

Full story here:

Book website here:

Hollywood Honors Late Actor Roy Scheider With ‘Smiles From the Stars: A Celebration of the Work and Life of Roy Scheider’
LOS ANGELES, March 2 /PRNewswire/ — At the 81st Annual Academy Awards® last Sunday, the late Roy Scheider was memorialized as one of Hollywood’s great actors. As an extension to his tribute in the 2009 Oscar “In Memorium” video, Roy Scheider’s late wife Brenda Siemer Scheider, along with Joshua Newton, British writer-director of Iron Cross, Mr. Scheider’s last film, are honoring the internationally acclaimed actor with an exclusive star-studded event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Hollywood will toast the late actor on Saturday, April 4 in an evening produced by family friend and director Gordon Hunt, father of Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt, which will feature appearances and speeches from friends and industry colleagues along with a special surprise performance. The evening will benefit The Myeloma Institute, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

“What would best honor Roy’s talent and determination would be our success in raising money for stem cell research and finding a cure for multiple myeloma,” said Brenda Siemer Scheider.

In February 2008 renowned actor Roy Scheider lost his battle to myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. Coincidentally, Joshua Newton’s father passed from the same disease just several months earlier. Both died during the filming of Iron Cross, a US$30m revenge thriller, in which Roy plays the lead, a character inspired by the director’s father, Bruno Newton. Roy passed just one day short of completing his filming, challenging Joshua Newton to finish the scene Roy had left by using groundbreaking CGI technology. The film is slated to be completed in Summer 2009. Guests will be treated to a special sneak preview of the trailer for Iron Cross at the event.

“I didn’t know Roy had myeloma when I thought of him to play a role which was essentially my father,” states Joshua Newton. “There were many strange coincidences like that which surrounded the production of Iron Cross, in which Roy has delivered one of the most powerful performances of his career. Myeloma has robbed Brenda and I of two people whom we adored and admired and we’re pleased to honor them both at a fantastic event that will raise much needed funds for myeloma research.”

Mr. Scheider has been nominated twice for Academy Awards for “The French Connection” (Best Supporting Actor) and “All That Jazz” (Best Actor). His many films include “Klute,” “The Seven Ups,” “Marathon Man,” “Blue Thunder,” “52 Pick-Up,” “Sorcerer,” “The Russia House,” “The Rainmaker” and most famously “Jaws.” His television work included three seasons of “SeaQuest DSV” and two award winning HBO projects “Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture” and “RKO 281.” Mr. Scheider also received an “Obie” for his role in the Off Broadway production of “Stephen D,” and was awarded The Drama League Award for Best Performance in the Broadway production of Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal.”

For more information or to request media credentials to cover this event please contact Stephanie Samson or Alicia Mohr from PMK/HBH at +1-310-289-6200.

Kayak FAIL

Kayak FAIL and more funny pics at

MonsterQuest : Jaws in Illinois airs Oct. 29th/30th

MonsterQuest : Jaws in Illinois

Airs Wednesday October 29 09:00 PM on The History Channel
UPDATE: Also airs Thursday, October 30 01:00 AM

One of the deadliest predators in the ocean, the Bull Shark, can tolerate fresh water. It can swim hundreds of miles upstream–one strange photo from the 1930s suggests that sharks can even reach Illinois. Come along with our team as they look for proof of sharks in freshwater, uncovering a deadly attack from history, and searching the bayous of Louisiana for predators. Watch as another expedition finds living evidence of a massive beast as big as a Great White Shark in the St. Lawrence River.

More info here: MonsterQuest: Jaws in Illinois

Thanks to Sharknut for the heads up about this program!

Spielberg’s DreamWorks Seeking New Backing?

Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks SKG

Late last month, DreamWorks, the boutique movie studio that Mr. Spielberg co-founded in 1994, let it be known that it had found a way to exit its unhappy three-year marriage with Paramount Pictures. Reliance ADA Group, a Mumbai conglomerate, was nearing a deal to give the dream workers $550 million to form a new movie company.

That Mr. Spielberg and his business partner David Geffen had found an investor wasn’t surprising. Mr. Spielberg is a superstar. DreamWorks had made it clear for months — via public comments and private grousing fed into the Hollywood grapevine — that they hated being part of Paramount and were going elsewhere as soon as it was contractually allowed.

But there was still an element of shock: Hollywood could not come up with a rich enough deal for Mr. Spielberg, the most bankable director in the business and a “national treasure”? His last movie alone, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” has sold $743 million in tickets and is still playing in theaters around the world.

For that matter, there wasn’t anybody on Wall Street willing to write a blank check for the guy with “Jaws” and “Jurassic Park” on his résumé?

Read the full story on The New York Times site.

A Much Gorier Death for Quint [YouTube]

More editing fun from YouTube, this clip features and extended, gorier, version of Quint’s death:

Chief Brody vs. Moby Dick [YouTube]

Check out this cleverly edited clip from YouTube, it’s Chief Brody vs. Moby Dick:

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