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JAWS in 30 Seconds by the Cast

Get The Shark is Still Working Soundtrack

Here’s a great gift idea for the JAWS fan in your life! The soundtrack to the JAWS documentary The Shark is Still Working.   It’s on sale for just 9.95 plus free USA shipping through December 12th.  Click on the page “JAKE SENT ME” over at for the sale price.

Our composer, Mike McCormack, poured his heart and soul into the music for our documentary.  His music evokes JAWS, while not being an imitation of John Williams’ famous score.  Don’t miss Mike’s rendition of “Show Me the Way to Go Home“, the song sung by Quint, Hooper, and Brody on the Orca.   Mike is joined by Greg Parker on Lead Guitar for this song, as well as on a new version of “Spanish Ladies”.  You can get the cd at Mike’s website, CD Baby, and

LIMITED EDITION – featuring 38 Digitally Mastered tracks, full color disc artwork includes a behind-the-scenes photo shot from the set of JAWS by Cal Acord in 1974.

This original soundtrack by Michael McCormack (Composer) includes 38 tracks consisting of new instrumental music and two sea shanties inspired by and meant to evoke and celebrate the impact and legacy of the enduring classic film JAWS.

TSISW Soundtrack Cover

JAWS Blu-Ray Steelbook Released

The UK-only exclusive Steelbook version of JAWS on Blu-Ray was released on September 4, 2012. will ship the Steelbook to the US, which is how I got my copy.  It did take 6 days to get delivered, but if you must have all things JAWS, order it today, because it is a limited edition.

The only difference between this edition and the US edition is the packaging.  All the content of the Blu-Ray is the same, including the Blu-Ray exclusive documentary The Shark is Still Working as well as the Making of JAWS documentary that originally appeared on the JAWS Collector’s Edition Laserdisc a few years ago.

UK-based New Empress Magazine created two short videos in honor of the JAWS Blu-Ray release, one about the JAWS release, and one about the JAWS sequels.

Check them out below:


JAWS and TSISW on Blu-Ray TODAY!

Today (August 14) is the official release date of JAWS on Blu-ray. In the US, Best Buy has an exclusive 42-page Digibook edition that features essays and rare photos. You can order it here: The Blu-ray features the home video debut of documentary I produced with J. Michael Roddy, James Gelet, Erik Hollander, and Michael McCormack, The Shark is Still Working. Also featured is the Laurent Bouzereau documentary The Making of JAWS, which originally appeared on the JAWS laserdisc. Other features include a look at the JAWS restoration, storyboards, production photos, deleted scenes and more.

In the UK, an exclusive Steelbook edition is available here for preorder: It will be released on September 3, 2012.

Get Michael McCormack’s TSISW Soundtrack at JAWSFest


 Just as I told him back in May 2006, this album is dedicated to my favorite actor, Mr. Roy Scheider (1933-2008). I share this dedication with John Williams, Steven Spielberg & the rest of the great cast and crew of the film “Jaws” and the many generations of wonderful fans this timeless, classic film has inspired and entertained. – Michael McCormack

This original soundtrack includes 38 tracks consisting of new instrumental music and two sea shanties inspired by, and meant to evoke, the impact and legacy of the enduring classic film, JAWS. Two newly recorded vocal tracks on the CD, “Show Me the Way to Go Home” and “Spanish Ladies” – feature dynamic lead guitar by Nashville-based guitarist/producer Greg Parker with vocals by Michael McCormack.

Prior to its official release on August 14th, the soundtrack CD for “THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING” will be available at JAWSFEST (in the JAWSTORE from AUGUST 9-11) and available at, and beginning AUGUST 14th, 2012 

Michael McCormack, a life-long fan of “JAWS,” is Composer and Co-Producer of “THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING: the Impact and Legacy of Jaws” (along with Producers James Michael Roddy, Erik Hollander, James Gelet and Jake Gove) and a proud sponsor of JAWSFEST – with special thanks to JAWSFEST Event Producer Susan Sigal-Goldsmith, who will feature the music from this CD at the JAWSFEST celebration!

Special Thanks to Rick Jansen and Justin Phillips for making the CD promotional ad and sacrificing their HD camera to that incoming wave! Their highly-recommended production company can be found here –
CD Artwork Design: Erik Hollander at: Thank you Erik for making such beautiful artwork for me! Cal Acord for his copy-written Bruce photo for the disc interior. Thanks to J. Michael Roddy for finding me all those years ago and James Gelet for his support as well. 


A big thank you to Universal Pictures! – Be sure to purchase “THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING” documentary on the “JAWS” Blu-ray released by Universal Studios on August the 14th:



THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING is a Finatic Productions, LLC Production. CD Artwork ©2011-2012 Erik Hollander.All Rights Reserved. JAWS is a copyright of Universal Studios LLC. All rights reserved. JAWSFEST is a registered trademark of Universal Studios LLC. All rights reserved.


JAWS Blu-ray (and TSISW) Reviews Rolling In

But the real gem is the more recent doc: a group of Jaws fans set out to make a tribute called The Shark Is Still Working and ended up getting interviews with everyone from Spielberg and Scheider (who also narrates) to celebrity fans like Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez. Only available as an extra on this Blu-ray, it’s astonishingly good and clearly fuelled by love, with the crew even tracking down the guy who voiced the original trailer, the artist who drew the iconic poster and — maddest of all — Quint’s gimpy little friend, whose interview is longer than his Jaws screentime. Plus deleted scenes and more, as seen on the DVD.

Supplements also go the extra mile. We get the full 2-hour, and excellent, The Making of Jaws documentary as found on the 2005 Anniversary DVD. It is worth re-watching – even in 480i. I also liked the 10-part The Shark is Still Working: the Impact and Legacy of Jaws that runs a lasting 1 3/4 hour.

The massive legions of Jaws fans will be very pleased with this incredible Blu-ray – highly impressive a/v and bonus extras. One of the better packages of the year to date. Strongly recommended!

The extras on this set can be measured by the ton, led by three documentaries: “The Shark Is Still Working: The Impact and Legacy of Jaws” may have some interviews that are a few years old (from the mid-2000s), but it’s a great examination of what the film has meant to pop culture from fellow filmmakers to the everyman movie fan. In a bit of unfortunate timing, the “in memoriam” dedication at the end doesn’t include producer Richard D. Zanuck, who died July 13. However, he appears multiple times in the documentary’s interviews. “The Making of Jaws” is a bit repetitive if you already watched “Shark Is Still Working,” but it has plenty of other material to make it insightful and worth watching. Finally, “Jaws: The Restoration” is more for the movie and tech geeks, but very well done and it offers far more than — as is often the case with such restoration features — merely showing the “Before” and “After” split screens. And there are more extras, all worth checking out.

Hi-Def Digest Interviews at the JAWS Blu-Ray Junket

To celebrate the August 14th Blu-ray release of Steven Spielberg’s horror classic, ‘JAWS’, Universal invited High-Def Digest to the Universal Studios backlot in Burbank, California to chat with the film’s co-writer and production designer, the producer of a Blu-ray exclusive documentary, and a Universal executive who oversaw the film’s 35mm restoration alongside Steven Spielberg himself.

HDD: I’ve been reading about ‘The Shark is Still Working’ for many years. It was a pleasure to finally see it. How exciting is it for you, setting out to make a “fan documentary”, to have it be an exclusive special feature on the 2012 ‘JAWS’ Blu-ray Disc?

J. MICHAEL RODDY: When the producers and I set out to make this documentary, we wanted to make the ultimate fan documentary. That’s why we did it. We wanted it to be for the fans, from the fans. And, you know, it’s interesting that’s become its own genre now. We really kinda started that ball rolling and it took a long time to get here [7 years!]. The road here had many potholes like the original ‘JAWS’, which took a long time to get to the theatre after many trials and tribulations. We are so absolutely thrilled to now be a part of the Blu-ray and it now gives us, a small part in our minds, we’re part of the ‘JAWS’ mythology.

HDD: Take us back to the beginning. How did you guys go from fans to documentary filmmakers?

JMR: It’s interesting. We were all inspired by ‘JAWS’. It was our favorite film. And we were in different areas of the country, working in different aspects of production. We had the opportunity to interview some of the locals on Martha’s Vineyard and realized there were really compelling stories we had never heard before. So as we started to capture that, we realized no one was really talking about the impact. We all know the shark didn’t work, but the reason we named our documentary ‘The Shark is Still Working’ is because the shark not working then means the shark still works 35 years later. So as we really started to define what that could be, the impact, and talking about the legacy of the film, we realized there were so many people positively influenced by this film: shark researchers, conservationists and, most importantly, some of our most amazing filmmakers working today — Brian Singer, Robert Rodriguez, Stephen Soderbergh, Kevin Smith. They all cited ‘JAWS’ as the film that made them do what they do. And we said, that’s a great story, and everything else fell into place.

Read the rest of this interview as well as interviews with JAWS screenwriter Carl Gottlieb and production designer Joe Alves here:

Hi-Def Digest Interviews

JAWS and TSISW Blu-Ray Review

The Shark Is still Working: The Impact & Legacy of Jaws (SD, 101 min) — Another fantastic documentary, which can be watched sequentially or individually in ten parts, from the point of view of the movie’s impact on the filmmaking industry. The entertaining retrospect comes with a variety of interviews from those involved with the film and those greatly inspired by it, such as Kevin Smith and M. Night Shyamalan. From the script’s story and special effects to the music and marketing, the doc is a great breakdown of the production and an in-depth look at the different areas that went into the movie’s making, giving an impression of how it has influenced the industry in that respect. This is a worthwhile and recommended watch.

New JAWS Blu-Ray Trailer!

Universal has released a new trailer for the JAWS Blu-ray and it looks amazing. JAWS fans, prepare to get goosbumps.
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The Shark is Still Working on the JAWS Blu-Ray

Finally! We can finally announce that our Jaws documentary The Shark is Still Working has a release date – 8/14/2012 – as a exclusive on the JAWS Blu-ray! Check out Universal’s new JAWS Blu-ray website:

You can PREORDER it here: Jaws [Blu-ray]

Congratulations to my fellow producers on a job well done!

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