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It’s doubtful that a JAWS 5 will ever happen. Universal ran the franchise into the ground in 1987 with JAWS the Revenge, which was a commercial and critical flop. However, it appears that the audience is still there, made up of rabid JAWS fans, action fans, and Shark Week enthusiasts. In recent years, there have been some decent to good shark flicks like Deep Blue Sea and Open Water that did pretty well at the box office. The current trend in Hollywood is the “reboot” of a franchise — successful in some cases: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and not as successful in others: Superman Returns. One could argue that JAWS wasn’t a franchise anyway, it was all about the original.  Whatever the case, there have been rumors of a JAWS 5 in development at Universal. One plot involves a school of great white sharks, with a story similar to Quint’s tale about the USS Indianapolis.   That could be an interesting film, but does it need to be called JAWS 5?

JAWS 5: Resurface – Fan Made Trailer

JAWS Darkest Waters script

The mysterious “N” started posting installments of his/her JAWS 5 script on the JAWS Discussion Forums. Needless to say, a lot of JAWS fans were excited about this script!
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  1. Whistlejacket

    I don’t think that there is any doubt that there would be an audience for a Jaws 5 but I would not like to see the original remade as it would be impossible to recreate it with the same elements that made is so spectacularly good.

    What they could do with the original is update it with CGI to produce a more realistic shark.

    I like the idea of a Megalodon being the subject of a new movie, perhaps set back 200 years or more where the idea of it’s extinction may not have been broached.

    Perhaps tied in with one of the voyages of discovery made by the old sailing ships that discover a new paradise that comes with all the danger associated with one.


  3. I think a sequel would be a horrible idea; because there is no real plausible thread to connect them. A prequel is possible- but I think it would become about ‘body count’ and not character tension.

  4. Honestly the film is so revered because it really isn’t a film about a maneating shark. It is a character study about bigotry and perseverence over this glaring flaw. It’s about camraderie in the presence of fear and an exploration of man’s greed and the levels he’ll sink to make a buck. Brody is the fish out of water. This is why we identify with him. He is a big city cop who wants to save his family from the world; but in Amityville he faces a new kind of terror that is only fed by the community of this small coastal towns selfishness. His ethics are challenged and his authority is questioned. The Shark isn’t just a predatory fish it is a force of nature- a symbolic manifestation of the community’s predatory nature on each other. The shark is the devil come to punish the wicked. This is why we fear it. It is the unseen serial killer hunting our children and neighbors. An unseen monster that will not relent unless it is revealed, hunted and finally destroyed. Hooper is the young, funny academic. The young forensics know it all that buts heads with the older generation. He means well, but his respect for authority and the knowledge of experience threaten his mission. His pride and desire to prove himself make the audience fear for his well being and often wonder if he’ll survive the adventure. Quint is the stern old man. The working everyman that won our war aginst the Axis powers of WWII. He is John Wayne and we recognize him as the hero of the conventional stories of Hollywood’s Golden Age; but his value has been compromised by the changing ethics of the world. Amityville is a corrupt town, who’d rather be devoured by the devil than yield to the mercy of a bygone Saint. This makes him bitter and his own way he enjoys watching the shark wreak terror upon the town. He repects the adversary, but his pride and reputation are the real monster that will finally become his doom. Jaws is a film about messages and social issues. There are very few scenes of carnage, but when they occur they punch you in the gut. It preys on your fear, guilt and views of the world. Brody is a man trapped between worlds and it is indicated that he fears water and is literally in over his head. The shark is a villian that is far more cunning than he ever would have imagined; but he learns to respect its power. He is selfless in his pursuit of peace, he respects the hero that was once Quint and admires the education of the young. He has overcome bigotry and fear to face the monster called Jaws. The film is ridilled with ecclectic inhabitants just like the real world with boys karate choppin picket fences, macho fishermen, gossiping old hens, whiny old men, naive and rebellious, idealistic young people etc. . The moment that really stands out to me as to why this film is a masterpiece is when Brody is being immitated by his son, Sean, at the table. He has witnessed a little boy (Alex Kitner) die at the jaws of the shark. His mother is a woman who must have had the boy very late in her child bearing years. you can tell by the actors that Spielberg cast that this was a meme for this concept. She had lost her only son and would never have another. She ridicules Brody and slaps him in anger. The audience feels terrible for Brody and the Kitner’s; but the woman is right. She is Brody’s guide to becoming the heroic protagonist. It is this guilt that makes him see the town for what it really is. The town is the shark’s alibi. It is a cloak for the murder. Brody is faced with this turning point and the love of his little boy helps him face the monster. He is a new hero for us. A protagonist with many flaws; and yet all the attributes we admire in our father, brother and closest friends. We want him to win and we want the shark to lose. Jaws isn’t about gore and body count. Its about characters and moral subtext. It is a modern day parable that has become a pillar of the human storytelling journey. this is why it has captivated us for nearly forty years.

  5. I feel everyone’s pain on this. You wish you could go back in time to that “awe” feeling when the magic happened on screen for the first time. I get it.

    Reality? This story has been told. To retell a story of a “killer shark” does not work because the story is way deeper than that. It is about the characters and their struggle with the devil. I could retell this story a million times over with a different creature. Films such as “Super 8”, “Godzilla”, “Aliens”, etc. have all tried the same formula. The only movies that succeed in being hits are the ones that bring the characters to life for the viewer. If the audience cares about the characters and their struggle, the movie wins over the audience and is a hit. It could be any animal, villain, etc. So, asking for another JAWS is pointless. Spielberg knows this. Rebooting is wasteful also. Because Shaw, Snyder, and Dreyfus OWNED their parts and no other actors will ever come close to being that likeable.

    Want to see a new JAWS? How about you just go into your DVD/Blue-ray collection and watch the original JAWS instead… I guarantee it will be 100 times better than seeing a new JAWS or a reboot.

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