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It’s doubtful that a JAWS 5 will ever happen. Universal ran the franchise into the ground in 1987 with JAWS the Revenge, which was a commercial and critical flop. However, it appears that the audience is still there, made up of rabid JAWS fans, action fans, and Shark Week enthusiasts. In recent years, there have been some decent to good shark flicks like Deep Blue Sea and Open Water that did pretty well at the box office. The current trend in Hollywood is the “reboot” of a franchise — successful in some cases: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and not as successful in others: Superman Returns. One could argue that JAWS wasn’t a franchise anyway, it was all about the original.  Whatever the case, there have been rumors of a JAWS 5 in development at Universal. One plot involves a school of great white sharks, with a story similar to Quint’s tale about the USS Indianapolis.   That could be an interesting film, but does it need to be called JAWS 5?

JAWS 5: Resurface – Fan Made Trailer

JAWS Darkest Waters script

The mysterious “N” started posting installments of his/her JAWS 5 script on the JAWS Discussion Forums. Needless to say, a lot of JAWS fans were excited about this script!
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  1. There can only be ONE movie that could warrant the title “Jaws V” — It’s subtitle would be “The Shark Is Still Working”.

    Not only would it be a fitting tribute to everyone who worked on the movies and those who aren’t with us, but also to the fans, it’s a great documentary and Universal can buy and distribute it on the arthouse circuit — besides, this cycle has been out of action since 1987 and there has been cgi ripoffs for years: this would be the only way to end this properly….

    — and totally reboot EVERYTHING, the way that Ridley Scott is doing this very minute with the “Alien” franchise with an ‘indirect’ prequel “Prometheus”, which is now filming in London.

  2. tagline, is it safe to go back into the water? storyline: 3 surfboarders and 2 divers are killed within a week off the coast of california, the mayors son is one of the surfboarders killed and the mayor wants the shark destroyed, but a team of scientists have other ideas to have the first great white in captivity

  3. i think they should make an remake not a new story stick with the original

  4. I hate when people talk about how good the original is, then go on to say ‘ramake’ or ‘reboot’. If it’s good enough to remake, then the original is good enough to not remake.

  5. I think the next jaws film should be a cross between the deep blue sea and night of the triffids. A corrupt dictator is close to having the macguffinous power to take over the world when a bunch of freedom fighters/terorists decide to stop him using a plan involving sinking his private island and amongst all this a distant relative of Martin Brody is stranded, trying to escape and save as many people as possible.

  6. I think it would be amazing if this movie were created! I am a big fan of Jaws, though I was born quite a few years after the first release. I feel that this movie would be epic and I would pay to watch it over and over again. It made me so happy to see that there could even be a possibility of another installment. 😛

  7. All I know is we really need a Jaws movie, Jaws 5, a remake, i dont care just something!!!

  8. I’m not too sure whether any new screenplay could do justice to the original Jaws movie. Jaws was a novel idea and emulating that initial success was difficult; 3-D and Revenge highlight the struggle in reproducing the spectacle that was Jaws. However, if it were up to me I believe a prequel could possibly be the best track to follow. What made the original so good was the fact that the shark was not constantly on show. Merely his presence (accompanied with a superb soundtrack) and the remnants of his stalking (the wrecked fishing boat in the original) were what, in my opinion, caused the success. Therefore over the top CGI and SFX would only do harm to the series. However, that said I do believe a subtle, well written screen play could re-kindle the film’s qualities.

  9. how about that then huh!? its taken years since that did with Michael Caine on The Revenge! maybe then reboot is doable nowadaya with other movies now and next in near future!

  10. honestly i would be as giddy as a child if this were too happen, the way to do it justice though, would be to have Spielberg do it. The original JAWS was the film that started his career. I heard that James Cameron might do it, but that retard would ruin it. Plus it would be difficult bringing in Roy Scheider because his character died of a heart attack. Plus in all the JAWS movies, there was no CG whatsoever, and that helped make it awesome. I wouldn’t want to see any of that in a new one.

  11. Hope they make another Jaws movie. I mean let’s face it Jaws The Revenge was a major flop, along with Jaws 3. If they could make a remake of the first Jaws or Just make a Jaws that doesn’t say Jaws 5 but maybe Jaws ” The Resurface,” or Jaws ” Something else,” I mean come on, Look at The Dark Knight and other awesome movies, I just one hope that someone will hear our cries and make another Jaws movie.

  12. can i purchase ” the shark is still working”?

  13. I have long thought that if another “Jaws” movie were ever made it would need to deal with the purportedly extinct Megalodon shark. Steve Alten tackled the concept in “Meg” and its subsequent sequels. It would be a fun concept and could incorporate Matt Hooper into the premise if so warranted.

  14. Someone please hear our cries and make a Jaws 5 or a remake of Jaws!!!! Please????!!!!!!

  15. I will make a different kind of  Jaws

  16. gabriel engrund

    ähhhhh jag har hittat på en version av Hajen 6 hahhahahahahha

  17. gabriel engrund

    jag tycker det är smart

  18. Came up with this tagline years ago then stumbled upon this site. Hope you like it!

    ” Just when you thought there was safety in numbers “

  19. Like the idea, but always thought that if Jaws 5 was going to be made, it would be based around not just one shark, but 5! 4 babies and their mother maybe? Just when you thought there was safety in numbers!

  20. There is a Jaws 5, it was made in 2010 I think or sometimes recently.

  21. No you can’t have Roy Scheider becasue he is dead. Spielberg has announced that there will not be another Jaws film directed by him too, he said today he is happy to look back at the film that started his career.

  22. I think either a prequel or maybe another sequel would give the original justice. If there was going to be a sequel it should be something like Mike Brody going back to Amity to find his home to be destroyed or something like that. If there was going to be a prequel I think it shouldn’t have big stars in it either, it should be like the original will sudden splashing and screaming, it would need a different opening sequence too its getting a bit old now!

  23. Why in the hell would you touch a masterpiece? Leave Jaws alone!

  24. Mrs Martin Brody

    It’s a shame most of the old cast have past away. R.I.P. Roy Scheider, R.I.P. Robert Shaw, R.I.P. Love you all guys, plus Roy Scheider was quite handsome!

  25. its not in the franchise,and its called cruel jaws

  26. he was beautifull

  27. i think that they should not make a jaws 5 the first three jaws were awesome but they ruined the jaws franchise by making jaws the revenge they will never be able to make a robotic shark that looks even remotley similer to bruce

  28. also most of the old cast has passed away and it just wouldnt be as good as the first three they should just leave jaws alone it is awesome except jaws the revenge and should not be messed with by adding a fith movie they shouldnt even have made a fourth movie

  29. Yes i think it’s about time they stopped making a complete ball’s up of these remakes and focus on making a new masterpiece.As with the current remake’s they are totaly awful bar the newer batman franchise.But for them to succeed with jaws they need a brilliant director and a great cast of a-list only quality,and a great but mildly different script to go with it,they should get the very best team possible in on the special effects as this is going to make the big difference here as if it look’s to cartoony you’ll bury the franchise for good.And none of this 12A SH@T either make it 15 or 18 cert only.Make it dark,sinister and gory with as much realism and small bit’s of humour don’t spoil it with sh@tty 1 liner’s like most current movie remake’s.I would suggest as some do that a great quint would have to be daniel day lewis for sure,i am not convinced as some believe that Tom Cruise is suited for chief Brody though it just does’nt seem serious enough or any form of representation of the old Brody what so ever may i suggest timothy olyphant with a more serious approach than his usual to the role

  30. I think if a remake were to be done, make it big!! Like megladon!!! Something really crazy and this time all Brody has to go in the water because he’s the only one with the natural instints to kill the beast!

  31. Where do people come off with the comment “Don’t remake Jaws… it was perfect!”?. I like bacon and eggs in the morning, but I don’t stop making them because I enjoyed the ones I made years ago. A remake with a bit of a different spin would be something I personally would enjoy. As far as the original book… It was a remake of Moby Dick wih a different spin, and look at the sensation it caused.
    Great White Whale = Great White Shark
    Quint/Ahab = died by getting caught in the harpoon lines
    Shark/whale= faded away and died of wounds
    Brody/Ishmael= “I alone survived to tell thee…”
    Orca/Pequod= Both sunk by the beast
    …to name a few similarities.

    Gee… what if Peter Benchley thought “Moby Dick was perfect… why put a more modern spin on it?

    then we would never have had “JAWS” in the first place! I say Go for a good well thought out remake!

  32. Jay: I agree with the moby dick theory,and i must say it is actualy based on the jersey shore attacks here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey_Shore_shark_attacks_of_1916 so it’s a sort of moby dick/jersey shore mashup the moby dick part being to give it more of an action feel as well as horror and to give substance to the movie.I have a book at home hear called shark attack (paragon books)by author Mac McDiarmid which tells the stories better i believe historical facts and detailed injury data.Also the scariest things in that book have to be the picture of a great white attacking a cage barrel the shark dwarfs the cage and the other scary one is the largest great white at the books time to be caught was9 meteres no less than 29 1/2 ft long and weighed 4.5 tons (4536kg)it was harpooned of the azores in 1978 it’s concidered the largest man eater shark ever caughtthis is from the book it also states that for comparison a typical adult bull elephant weighs around 5500kg (5.5 tons.Woah big’un

  33. MartyBrody123

    Why the frick would they ever make #5???? 4 is enough!

  34. Here’s a tagline

    Jaws 5 : Cruel Jaws also known as The beast

    Directed by: Bruno Mattei

    Produced by: Robert Feen

    U.S. Release Date: the film has still not been officially released in the U.S

    Domestic Gross: I have no idea

    Starring: David Luther, George Barnes Jr, Scott Silveria, Kirsten Urso, and Richard Dew

    Hope this could help 😀 ( info by wiki.com )

  35. There should be no more sequels,JAWS:THE REVENGE is proof of that,they should have stopped after JAWS2,at least that was a worthy sequel,and that Roy Scheider came back to reprise his famous role of Chief Brody,Lorraine Gary as Ellen Brody,Murray Hamilton as Mayor Vaughn.

  36. I am sorry to say but I do not believe a JAWS 5 will ever be made. We have 4 films – the first two being the best out of the four! There have been numerous “Shark” films to date which really do not stand up to JAWS anyway except “Deep Blue Sea”. It won’t be the same if they “reboot” the genre because you cannot replace the original cast (Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss) who made the film what a classic it is!! This is just MY opinion!! I LOVE the first two JAWS films!!

  37. I like the prequel idea. And why not do it on the story that inspired Benches to write Jaws in the first place, the story of the Mad Shark of New Jersey? 1916 between July 1st and July 12th four people were killed and one injured. What makes it a great idea is that it is a true story, especially with White Shark sightings becoming more and more common in the north east coast. You could also play into the old debate about whether it was a Great White or a Bull Shark responsible for the attacks.

  38. Sorry. Benchley, not benches…..Damn spell correct.

  39. “They should have stopped at 2”

  40. “Look out for the rubber sharky”

  41. Please no more sequels,even a prequel is a terrible idea.The franchise is already run in to the ground,let’s not bury it deeper.”JAWS”will always be no.1,2,a worthy sequel,3 disastrous,4,you can see how rubbery the shark is and in certain scenes you can see the seems of the fabric on the shark,pathetic and Lorraine Gary looked terrible in the movie.That’s when I knew the franchise was dead!

  42. Gordon the Gophers Sister

    How about a prequel featuring the life of Quint, covering his childhood, wartime experience on the Indy and what brought him to Amity?

  43. It turn’s out that “Jaws 5 Cruel Jaws” was only named that so they could get more money off of it. such as ” the last shark” it was once called ” the last Jaws ” so they could get more money off of it , So yes this movie is real but no it’s not a ” Jaws movie “

  44. Love Jaws 1 & 2. But i don’t think they can make another one now. Shark populations are decimated and one could argue Jaws was partly to blame. It’s just too non PC for a new movie. Maybe if they did it as a period piece because a modern day one just doesn’t seem to work with seeing real life people swimming with Great Whites on shark week every year. JMHO.

  45. Honestly, the first film was so good, a remake isn’t possible or worthwhile. Reboot however is necessary. A prequel could be sweet. Picture this. Amity Island has a history with shark attacks going back to the 19th century. As it turns out, Amity was being used as a port for the sale of African Slaves. in the days after the abolition of the Atlantic Trade. The presence of slave ships and the bodies they dump in the Atlantic begin to attract huge great whites that terrorize the coastline. They town moves to cover up their slaving activities while also trying to bring a particular nuisance shark down. Essentially, this would be difficult to do, as making Jaws a period piece would likely remove the classic attacks on swimmers and bathers. However, the small dinghys and fishing vessels would make great targets for Jaws attacks. You could also work in some subplot, like an African Medicine Man invoke the curse of a sea god on the European/American Slavers. We’d get to see slavers getting killed in horrific ways. Jaws gets to attack some old timey people, the story is tied to a cultural and periodically important event. You still have the intrigue of illegal activity from the original novel. Hell, if you want to get real hokie, make one of Quint’s forefathers deeply involved one way or another with the storyline. Anyone with any interest in this, get a hold of me. I’ve been considering it for sometime and have considered possible holes in a potential plot and addresed them with the utmost concern that only a true Jaws fan would show

  46. Many years ago i read a supposed script that had an incredible open sequence. It started with a man attempting suicide jumping of a bridge in the sea. Unfortunately he didn’t die in the fall but ended up being attacked by a huge shark. I don’t know if it was real though.

  47. Whatever happens next with the Jaws franchise has to establish some continuity. The films have come out over the years, touched on different subplots and locations, and never really established what Jaws was. There is a nagging question left at the end of the first movie. Why did this huge great white take up residence off of Amity? Why is an area, not known for large sharks, attracting such large sharks? You can’t bring the shark back again and again, after it is killed at the climax of every film. If the shark attacking is not the same as the shark in the first film, is the movie Jaws, or a movie about a shark? The Brody connection has been explored, and played out. It wasn’t a good subplot to follow in the first place. That’s why everyone hates Jaws 3 and 4. The only thing left is Amity. The island itself. If there is not some back story tied to Amity Island in a Jaws reboot, then you could just as well call it a reboot of Deep Blue Sea or Open Water. Great Whites, Amity. That is it. What is the story? What is the time period? Who are the characters? All of this is negotiable. Bring the two critical elements back and you have your Jaws reboot. So Jaws fans, what’s the story? How does another Jaws movie play out with a great white and Amity? It’s clear the Hollywood schlubs are going to do something with this franchise eventually. If we make enough noise and put out enough good ideas, then maybe they will make something that satisfies the Jaws fans and not something made to please 13 year olds who don’t what Jaws is. I want stories people. You’ve seen all the films. You care enough about the franchise to come here. I know you all have your own ideas about it. So what is it? What is Jaws 5?

    Madshare, I read that too- many years ago. Good starting point, wrong location. I believe that was a user submitted script on a Jaws fansite that placed “Jaws 5” in San Francisco. The bridge you are alluding to is the golden gate bridge, and from the first attack the script spiraled into a predictable running story of real estate developers trying to build a new resort town where shark testing had been done for years. Again, I submit that the plot was mildly interesting to begin with, but had no connection to the original Jaws. In fact, it may have been turned into one of the shark attack films or Megalodon films. I saw a similar plot with that particular scene omitted some years later.

  48. I like Joe’s idea of a prequel set in Amity back in the 19th century. I’d love to see a good filmaking team explore why Amity is plagued by giant sharks. The voodoo curse may seem hokey but it could maybe work if it’s done properly. I had an idea about the shark problem being due to the mafia dumping bodies in the waters of amity perhaps being responsible for a rogue shark and it’s offspring developing a taste for human flesh. This would be in the 1940’s/50’s but like I said it’s only an idea.

  49. I watched an American documentary/film about the real story behind Jaws.I really enjoyed it,the locals on a hot day taking a dip in a river and getting chewed And Shark week just goes to prove they are still eating People.My Jaws 5 would be Quint(would be a young Quint so Robert Shaw being no longer with us not a problem) on board the Indianapolis and coming face to face with his Jaws,Smacking him in the nose and then the shark follows him back to Amity his family think’s he is traumatised by the sharks but its really out there!!!!! And so the story begins…….

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