JAWS Lost Interviews

Lost Interviews from the 70s

by Dan Ward/Jake Gove

‘New England Our Way’ TV show (1974)

Thanks to Dan Ward for providing a copy of the 1974 TV program New England Our Way. The program is a fascinating look some at the key people involved with JAWS before it was released. It contains interviews with the “big three” of Scheider, Dreyfuss and Shaw, Steven Spielberg, and Martha’s Vineyard local Craig Kingsbury, who played Ben Gardner. Check out the video clips below:

Robert Shaw (Quint) discusses filming his death scene.

Robert Shaw (Quint) on what he does between shots to alleviate boredom.

Roy Scheider (Brody) on the “time it takes for takes”.

Richard Dreyfuss (Hooper), talks about his performance in JAWS.

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