Fussy Shark Spits out Surfer

Shark Attack

A SURFER was released from the jaws of a shark – because it didn’t like the TASTE of him.  Todd Murashige was in the sea in the waters off Oahu, Hawaii, when the shark bit him on the thigh. The 40-year-old said: “I didn’t see it at all. It just seemed so surreal, like it wasn’t real, just head of a shark right there in my lap. “I stuck my fingers into his mouth to try to pry him off, but I didn’t feel any teeth. I think I was grabbing onto his gums or the lip part.”

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The site has gotten a long overdue facelift.  For reasons unknown to me, JAWS fans have stopped posting on the Forum.  I know that it was partially due to it being hacked, but that was resolved, and a new, more secure, easier to use Forum was launched based on software called BBPress.  It was at that point I decided to completely change the site to be more of a blog format based on WordPress, with the ability for members of the community to comment or add to each post on the site as well as on the Forum.

I also need a lot of help ASAP — I should have asked for this a long time ago, and the site has suffered as a result.  I am looking for volunteers to help me with posting articles and moderating the forums.  I would like the site to branch into more articles covering sharks and Steven Spielberg as well as JAWS.  There are easy to use tools for posting.  Please contact me if you are interested.

I have added a bunch of pages and posts, but I still have a lot of old stuff to add to the site, including most of the From the Fans content.  A few have been added so far, with more to come!

ABC-TV 1979 Promo for JAWS [YouTube]

Check out this blast from the past — a TV commercial from 1979 for the first network airing of our favorite movie on ABC-TV:

JAWS Quiz – What do you know about JAWS?

So you think you’re an expert when it comes to JAWS, huh? Take this quiz and find out!
A special thanks to the following contributors:

Andrew Burrows

Matt Mittenthal


Lauren Laver

Jim Schmaltz

Questions 1-8 and initial inspiration provided by Andrew Burrows

1. Robert Shaw also had a part in another Benchley-inspired film. Name
the film, and who were Shaw’s co-stars in the movie.

2. Richard Dreyfuss later had a role in which his character was asked a
question relating to the “Jaws” script. Who was the actor asking the

3. How many of Spielberg’s films has Richard Dreyfuss appeared in?

4. In Benchley’s original novel, Quint perishes in a different way to
the one in the film. How?

5. Complete the following quote;

Quint: “You got…………………all your life.”

6. In which movie does Roy Scheider play the role of brother to Dustin
Hoffman’s lead?

7. Why does Hooper want Brody to “go to the end of the pulpit” when they
first see the shark?

8. What is the name of the “floating asylum” upon which Hooper intends
to spend several months at sea?

Questions 9-13 provided by Matt Mittenthal

9. What does Quint want a case of for hunting the shark?

10. What state was the license plate from in the tiger shark’s stomach?

11. Of what nationality was the man who beat Quint in the arm wrestling
tournament in San Francisco?

12. How old were the kids at the karate school who were “karate-ing” the
picket fences?

13. Complete this quote: “At home ………… brung him!”

Questions 14 and 15 provided by LisaCat28

14. What was the name of the boat, that Brody, Hooper, and Quint were on?

15. What was the name of the girl that broke Hooper’s heart?

Questions 16-27 provided by Lauren Laver

16. In the beginning of the movie, what were the Cassidy’s last words before
passing out?

17. What were Brody’s sons’ names?

18. At dinner, what kind of wine did Brody open first?

19. What was the “clinical” term for Brody’s fear of water?

20. Peter Benchley appeared in Jaws as who?

21. According to Mayor Vaughn, what does Amity mean?

22. According to Hooper, how big was the tooth that he pulled out of Ben
sunken boat?

23. Fill in the words to this song: Farewell and adieu…again.

24. What were Quint’s estimates of the shark’s weight and length?

25. When Quint was on the Indianapolis, what day was it that he ran into a
buddy of his from Cleveland who was bitten in half below the waist?

26. When on the Orca, who was the last person singing as the shark attacked?

27. How many Jaws movies were there, and where did each take place?

Questions 28-42 provided by Jim Schmaltz

28. Name the local fisherman killed by the shark.

29. How many people are killed by the shark? Who are they?

30. How long is Hooper going to be aboard the Aurora?

31.What kind of shark dismantled Hooper’s boat when he was a young boy?
Bonus points if you know the length of the shark!

32.What noise startles Brody after Quint tells the Indianapolis story?

33. What kind of shark was the first to appear at the Indianapolis
disaster, according to Quint? Again, bonus points if you know
the length. And another bonus point if you remember how Quint
says you measure a shark when you are in the water.

34. How many times was the shark harpooned?

35. What song is Sean Brody singing before Alex Kintner is killed?

36. What do the Mayor and coroner convince Brody to list as Chrissie’s
cause of death?

37. Quint once saw a shark eat a piece of furniture. What was it?

38. What toys from home and what flavor ice cream does Michael Brody
request while in the hospital?

Bonus round: Scars!

39. What kind of shark scraped Hooper’s leg as he was taking samples?

40. What kind of shark scarred Quint’s leg with a flick of it’s tail?

41. What creature bit Hooper in the arm, right through his wet suit?

42. What scar does Brody notice on Quint’s arm?

JAWS Characters: Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss)

JAWS Characters: Hooper

Richard Dreyfuss played Hooper, a ichthyologist from the Oceanographic Institute, who shows up in Amity to complete the trio of heroes facing the shark in the finale. Hooper does an autopsy on the first victim, determining that the shark has made Amity its personal feeding ground. Hooper also realizes that a shark caught by the amateur shark-hunters is too small to be the shark responsible for the killings.

Richard Dreyfuss, an Oscar winner for The Goodbye Girl (1977) and recent nominee for Mr. Holland’s Opus, has had a long and fruitful relationship with Steven Spielberg. In addition to JAWS, Mr. Dreyfuss also starred for Spielberg in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) and Always (1989).

Mr. Dreyfuss has also had a string of successful comedic roles, including Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986), Tin Men (1987), and What About Bob? (1991).

Next up for Mr. Dreyfuss is a role in Oliver Stone’s film “W” (2009), where he will play Vice President Dick Cheney.

Memorable lines:

“Can you get on the phone and check out these waters? Well … This is not a boat accident. It wasn’t any propeller, it wasn’t any coral reef, and is wasn’t Jack the Ripper. It was a shark.”

JAWS Characters: Quint (Robert Shaw)

JAWS Characters: Quint

Robert Shaw (1927-1978) played Amity’s most colorful character, the Ahab-like Quint, who offers to kill the shark. Quint has a reason to hate sharks; he was a survivor of a harrowing incident during World War II, which he reveals in a chilling scene. The town is initially unwilling to pay Quint’s bounty of $10,000, and instead offers up $3,000, which prompts amateur shark hunters for miles around to take to the seas. The townspeople finally give in to Quint’s demands, and he heads out in his old boat, the Orca to do battle with the shark.

Robert Shaw was an accomplished actor, author, and playwright when Steven Spielberg cast him in JAWS. A Best Supporting Actor nominee for A Man For All Seasons (1966), Mr. Shaw had several memorable roles, including the James Bond film From Russia With Love (1963), The Sting (1973) and Black Sunday (1977).

Memorable lines:

“Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women”
Quint’s USS Indianapolis Monologue

JAWS Characters: Brody (Roy Scheider)

JAWS Characters: Brody

Roy Scheider (1932-2008) played Amity Police Chief Martin Brody, who came to Amity along with his wife and two young sons to escape the dangers of being a New York City cop. He gets more than he bargained for when he has to contend with a monstrous great white shark. After several grisly shark attacks, Brody tries to close Amity’s beaches, only to be stopped by the town Mayor, who fears that Amity’s tourism would be hurt by such a move. Finally, the mayor relents and Brody joins the expedition to kill the shark, leading to a final showdown.

Mr. Scheider reprised the role of Brody in JAWS 2 (1978), directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

Mr. Scheider has had a number of memorable roles in addition to JAWS. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Gene Hackman’s partner in William Friedkin’s The French Connection (1971). He was also nominated, this time for Best Actor, for his tour de force performance in Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz (1979). In later years, Mr. Scheider starred on the NBC television series SeaQuest DSV (1993-1995).

Mr. Scheider passed away on February 10, 2008. He has two films slated to be released in 2008 – Iron Cross and Dark Honeymoon. He also recorded the narration track for the upcoming JAWS documentary The Shark is Still Working (2008). He will be greatly missed by the JAWS community.

More JAWS Sounds

MP3 Sounds courtesy of Eddie McCormack

All Gonna Die (Hooper)
Amity Means Friendship (Vaughn)
Bad Hat Harry (Brody)
Bigger Boat (Brody)
Black Eyes (Quint)
Bowlegged Women (Quint)
Buster Browns (Vaughn)
Chief of Police (Brody)
Choke On It (Quint)
Chum Some (Brody)
City Hands (Quint)
Drowning (Ellen)
Drunk Enough (Brody)
Farewell and Adieu (Quint)
Not a Boat Accident (Hooper)
Not Drunk (Cassidy)
Shark is Not Working (Dreyfuss)
Paper Doll (Quint)
Half Assed Autopsy (Vaughn)
Yaaahhd (Ellen)
Sharkin (Quint)
Ten Thousand Dollars (Quint)
Tiger Shark (Hooper)
What Happens (Hooper)

JAWS 2 Cast and Crew

Directed by

Jeannot Szwarc

Writing credits

Carl Gottlieb (I)

Howard Sackler


Roy Scheider Chief Martin Brody

Lorraine Gary Ellen Brody

Murray Hamilton Mayor Larry Vaughn

Joseph Mascolo Peterson

Jeffrey Kramer Hendricks

Collin Wilcox Paxton Dr. Elkins

Ann Dusenberry Tina

Mark Gruner Mike

Barry Coe (I) Andrews

Susan French (I) Old Lady

Gary Springer Andy

Donna Wilkes Jackie

Gary Dubin Ed

John Dukakis Polo

G. Thomas Dunlop Timmy

Elliott David (I) Larry

Marc Gilpin Sean

Keith Gordon Doug

Cynthia Grover Lucy

Ben Marley Patrick

Martha Swatek Marge

Billy Van Zandt Bob

Gigi Vorgan Brooke

Jerry M. Baxter Helicopter Pilot

Jean Coulter Ski Boat Driver

Daphne Dibble Swimmer #1

Christine Freeman Water Skier

April Gilpin Renee

William Griffith (IV) Lifeguard

Gregory Harris (I) Diver #2

Coll Red McLean Red

Susan O. McMillan Girl Sailor

David Owsley Boy Sailor

Allan L. Paddack Crosby

Frank James Sparks Diver #1

Thomas A. Stewart Assistant Dive Master

David Tintle Swimmer #2

Jim Wilson (III) Swimmer with Child

Kathy Wilson Mrs. Bryant

Herb Muller Phil Fogarty

Jane Courtney Select Woman

Al Wilde Select Man #1

Bill Green (I) Irate Man

Mary A. Gaffney Mrs. Silvera

George Buck Irate townsperson (uncredited)

Robert Carroll (I) Polk (uncredited)

Fritzi Jane Courtney Mrs. Taft (uncredited)

Oneida Rollins Ambulance Driver (uncredited)

Alfred Wilde Mr. Wiseman (uncredited)

Produced by

Joe Alves (associate producer)

David Brown (I) (producer)

Richard D. Zanuck (producer)

Original music by

John Williams

Cinematography by

Michael C. Butler

Film Editing by

Steve Potter

Arthur Schmidt (I)

Neil Travis

Production Design by

Joe Alves

Art Direction

W. Stewart Campbell

Gene Johnson (I)

Set Decoration

Phil Abramson

Costume Design by

Bill Jobe

Makeup Department

Robert Jiras makeup artist

Philip Leto hair stylist

Rick Sharp makeup artist

Ron Snyder (I) makeup artist

Production Management

Bill Badalato unit production manager

Tom Joyner (I) production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Joe Alves second unit director

Katy Emde second assistant director

Scott Maitland (I) first assistant director

Beau Marks second assistant director

Wilbur Mosier assistant director: second unit

Don Zepfel first assistant director

Art Department

Gary Seybert property master

Sound Department

James R. Alexander sound

Stephen A. Hope music editor

Robert L. Hoyt sound recordist

Jim Troutman sound effects editor

Special Effects

Roy Arbogast special effects

Robert A. Mattey special effects


Ted Grossman (I) stunt co-ordinator

Other crew

Roy Arbogast special mechanical effects

Peter Benchley characters

John L. Black key grip

David L. Butler camera operator: second unit

Laurann Cordero ladies wardrobe

Freeman Davies Jr. assistant film editor

Michael Dugan (II) underwater cameraman

Al Ebner unit publicist

Michael T. Elias assistant film editor

John Fleckenstein camera operator

Bob Forrest script supervisor

Robert Hernandez (II) assistant film editor

Sherrie Sanet Jacobson assistant film editor

Liz Keigley location casting

Philip Kingry marine coordinator

Gil Loe wardrobe: men

Donald MacDonald (II) production assistant

Robert A. Mattey special mechanical effects

Michael McGowan camera operator: second unit

John Neal (I) score mixer

Shari Rhodes location casting

Gene Starzenski set paramedic

Ronnie Taylor live shark photography (as Ron Taylor)

Valerie Taylor (II) live shark photography

Esther Vivante script supervisor: second unit

Donald M. Wolak gaffer (as Don Wolak)

Manfred Zendar technical advisor

JAWS 2 Collectibles and Memorabilia


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