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New JAWS Game Available for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

The first new JAWS game since JAWS Unleashed is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch! In the game you play as Chief Brody and your job is to keep the waters of Amity Island safe, flicking swimmers to safety one finger at a time.


Jaws 2: Revolutionary for Sequels

Variation has always been the source of much debate during this much scrutinized era of sequels. Before Jaws 2, sequels were primarily made for two reasons: to continue the storyline that was not initially concluded in the first film (Planet Of The Apes, The Godfather), or in the design of the episodic serial (Frankenstein, Dirty Harry, James Bond). Universal decided to do something that seemed improbable– make a sequel where most have failed (French Connection II & Exorcist II). This leaves a crew’s work cut out for them.

Chief Brody is now a disillusioned, paranoid man

Chief Brody is now a disillusioned, paranoid man

Chasing demons from the past in a darkroom

Chasing demons from the past in a darkroom

In 1975, director Steven Spielberg’s Jaws became the most successful picture of all time. The success of the film created a phenomenon that Universal felt somehow had to be continued. Enter Jaws 2, a film that proved more things than the general public knows today or when it was released in 1978. Only this time, no Spielberg and no Dreyfuss, for both were working on Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. So who was going to take over? What was going to make this film special in its own way? French director Jeannot Szwarc was brought on board by production designer Joe Alves who worked with him and Spielberg on Rod Serling’s TV horror show, Night Gallery. Upon winning the director’s chair, Szwarc decided upon a very meticulous and crucial design on how to make this film and what it exactly needed to be.

1. The main character must be emotionally enhanced, more matured, learning from previous film’s events; continuing arc. (you’ll see this later in Aliens, T2, etc)

2. Introduce new conflicts for the characters to face (nobody believes Roy Scheider’s character’s suspicions of a shark).

3. Nostalgia for the previous film must be established giving the character’s history.

4. The story structure and certain elements of the first film must remain in order to keep the audience’s familiarity of why they loved the first film (shark POVS, action elements)

5. Different cinematography or visual look (shooting behind the shark fin, different lighting).

6. Different editing style gives the film a different pace and/or energy.

7. Introduce elements that were not included in the first film or create different situations for the characters (shark is shown a lot to prevent duplicating the first film).

8. Bring back the characters that the audience fell in love with in the first film as long as it respects continuity.

9. Bring back the same musical themes from the original film (John Williams returns to enhance his Academy-award winning themes with new compositions.)

10. Enhance and extend the themes from the original film to bring new life and feelings for the film (Szwarc introduced sophisticated visuals giving an art history appreciation).

A glaring paradox can be noticed. For it all to work, such a film requires to be somewhat similar to its original source of inspiration and yet be different enough to reveal new storytelling possibilities and interpretations. Not easy…

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it

"Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it"

Read more of this article at Mouthshut …

Custom JAWS Action Figures

Mike Lorenz created some amazing custom JAWS figures of Brody, Quint, and Hooper. Here’s some info about the figures from Mike:

“It took 2 action figures to make 1 figure. Brody comes with a spear, rifle, pistol, and air tank. I did him in the classic outfit he had on at the end of the movie. Quint comes with a spear-gun, fishing rod, and a machete. He was done in the outfit when he first sees the shark. Hooper comes with 2 barrels and a 35mm camera. He was done in the outfit near the end of the movie. On the front of each package are the words…it’s as if God created the devil himself and gave him ….Jaws.

I don’t like to tell all my secrets for making my custom figures, but I’ll tell you what I can. All of the figures I used modeling clay on. Quint’s army jacket and shirt is all molded in clay, pockets and all. He also has Quint in black over the right upper pocket. Hooper’s sweatshirt is also done from modeling clay. His hair is done in the clay. I tried to get it so the hair is wavey and all over the place. Brody’s gun belt/buckle is made from clay as well. The air tank is made from modeling clay. The spear-gun, machete, camera, fishing rod and spear are all custom made. I used balsa wood, clay, putty, and glue.

For the packaging I went with the 25th anniversary picture. All the cards have the character’s pic of the outfit they are wearing as the figure. It also has their name on the card as well as what the figure comes with.”

Chief Brody vs. Moby Dick [YouTube]

Check out this cleverly edited clip from YouTube, it’s Chief Brody vs. Moby Dick:

JAWS Characters: Brody (Roy Scheider)

JAWS Characters: Brody

Roy Scheider (1932-2008) played Amity Police Chief Martin Brody, who came to Amity along with his wife and two young sons to escape the dangers of being a New York City cop. He gets more than he bargained for when he has to contend with a monstrous great white shark. After several grisly shark attacks, Brody tries to close Amity’s beaches, only to be stopped by the town Mayor, who fears that Amity’s tourism would be hurt by such a move. Finally, the mayor relents and Brody joins the expedition to kill the shark, leading to a final showdown.

Mr. Scheider reprised the role of Brody in JAWS 2 (1978), directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

Mr. Scheider has had a number of memorable roles in addition to JAWS. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Gene Hackman’s partner in William Friedkin’s The French Connection (1971). He was also nominated, this time for Best Actor, for his tour de force performance in Bob Fosse’s All That Jazz (1979). In later years, Mr. Scheider starred on the NBC television series SeaQuest DSV (1993-1995).

Mr. Scheider passed away on February 10, 2008. He has two films slated to be released in 2008 – Iron Cross and Dark Honeymoon. He also recorded the narration track for the upcoming JAWS documentary The Shark is Still Working (2008). He will be greatly missed by the JAWS community.

JAWS Lost Scenes

With most movies, a lot more footage is filmed than actually ends up in the final product. JAWS is no exception, with a large number of scenes that were cut, many due to the fact that the mechanical shark rarely worked as planned. Some of these scenes turned up in the ABC television version of JAWS that aired back in the late 1970s-early 1980s. Many more of these “lost” scenes were first available to fans on the 20th Anniversary Laserdisc version of JAWS and now are available on the 30th Anniversary DVD version of JAWS.

Special thanks to Lisa Holliday for capturing and providing the video clips!

Brody and Ellen in the Kitchen

Brody and Ellen talk in the kitchen and Ellen feeds their two cocker spaniels

RealAudio | Windows Media

Cassidy Talks to Brody

Brody and Cassidy walk along the beach and discuss where Cassidy is from and the summer house Cassidy and friends are renting.

Windows Media

Cassidy Identifies Chrissie’s Remains

Brody has Cassidy look at what’s left of Chrissie after the two talk about the summer house Cassidy and friends are renting.

RealAudio | Windows Media

Quint and His Little Buddy #1

The little guy who works for Quint refuses to go with Quint on his quest to kill the shark.

RealAudio | Windows Media

Quint and His Little Buddy #2

The little guy and Quint stroll down the streets of Amity accompanied by a dog.

Ben Gardner’s Commentary

Ben Gardner comments on the people walking by him on the dock and talks to Brody and Hooper

Windows Media

Amateur Shark Hunters

Chaotic scenes of all the amateur shark hunters in their boats.

Windows Media

Vaughn on Parade

Walking through the middle of the parade, Mayor Vaughn discusses putting up signs with Hendricks.

Windows Media

Hooper and Vaughn on the Ferry

Mayor Vaughn and Brody talk about Brody’s hiring and vandalism while on the ferry.

Windows Media

Hooper Tells Brody About His Phone Calls
On the way to cut open the tiger shark, Hooper talks about a woman with whom he apparently had phone sex.

RealAudio | Windows Media

Quint’s Truck

A black truck comes to a stop, camera is on driver side door, door has the name “Quint” and a drawing of a shark on it, door opens and Quint steps out.

Windows Media

Quint Torments Boy in Music Store

Quint enters a music store to buy piano wire. A boy is there playing a song on a clarinet. Quint mimics what the boy is playing, getting louder and louder until the boy loses his composure and stops playing.


Shark Goes After Michael Brody

After the shark attacks the guy in the Estuary, it goes after Michael Brody, with the Estuary guy still in its jaws. The Estuary guy, barely alive, pushes Michael out of the way, saving Michael’s life.

Custom Jaws “Brody” Action Figure

by Chris Llewellyn

Chris Llewellyn made this custom Brody action figure! He always had wished that they had come out with figures based on the JAWS films, and being a toy collector, he decided to make his own. Chris is working on a Quint figure, and hopes to make one of Hooper soon.

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