The Shark is Still Working(TSISW) is a fan-made documentary about the impact and legacy of JAWS. The creator of JAWSmovie.com, Jake Gove, is one of the producers, along with Erik Hollander, James Gelet, and Michael Roddy, three JAWS fans. The score was composed by Michael McCormack. TSISW is highly regarded, with a perfect 100% rating on RottenTomatoes.com

The Shark is Still Working will be on the Jaws [Blu-ray]
The release date is 8/14/12! You can preorder it here: Jaws Blu-ray Preorder
More info on the release is here: http://jawsonbluray.com

We were fortunate to land all-new interviews with many people involved in the production of JAWS, including Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider, John Williams, Lorraine Gary, Joe Alves, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Benchley and others. The documentary is narrated by Roy Scheider in what would sadly be one of his last performances. Mr. Benchley’s interview would also sadly be his last.

TSISW also features interviews with Hollywood insiders that were inspired by JAWS, including
M. Night Shyamalan, Kevin Smith, Bryan Singer, Robert Rodriguez, Eli Roth and others. Also covered are JAWS fans, including the 2005 event – JAWSFest.

For more information about The Shark is Still Working, please visit the following websites:

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  1. Distressed JAWS Crew T-Shirt - under 15 bucks! | JAWSmovie.com - pingback on November 17, 2008 at 3:33 pm
  2. Every time I hear the name of this movie, all it does is make me angry. Been waiting too long… 😥

  3. I’ve waited so long to see this, I wish Universal would be a little more kind and help you get it relased instead of stalling you. Best to you all, I can’t wait to see it! 😀

  4. I was a member of JawsMovie.com for a long time. I remember the Eric, James, and Roddy when they set out to make this film. I cheered and cheered. I watched all the clips. I stayed TUNED… and TUNED… AND TUNED. I’m just sad now. I don’t blame the producers. I know you guys got screwed about the release. I guess I’m just leaving this message so that you know many of us join you in your frustration. And I will continue to wait…


  5. What gives with this movie?

    How can Universal/Whoever hold up a movie that would sell so well and was done completely out of love for their film? If I was Steven Speilberg I’d be pissed off that a work done for the love of my own work was being held back.

    What a gyp. I say leak the movie somewhere and be done with it. They’re obviously never gonna release it.

  6. i can’t for the life of me figure why this potential money maker is still being held up in red tape!
    i live on the eastern end of long island n.y. where universal was considering to shoot the original movie.
    i had the pleasure of talking with roy scheider on many occasions and would like to own tsisw because he narrated it.
    please keep me posted.

  7. Perhaps this will be released on the Jaws Blu-Ray?

  8. Tired of Waiting

    If it isn’t on the Blu-Ray release I wouldn’t count on it ever getting officially released…I’m ready to buy a leaked copy…

  9. I have no idea why this brilliant (sounding!) doco still hasn’t been released cinematically or in shops, so could you please give us folk Down Under a bit of a sniff and at least one opportunity to see it at one of the local films festivals? Here’s the link for submissions to this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival- I know it would be a sell out and audience hit! 

  10. I guess this will never be released.

  11. Preorder JAWS on Blu-ray | JAWSmovie.com - pingback on April 17, 2012 at 9:00 pm
  12. Dave McAllister -- Chuck's brother

    This is for Jake—

    I’m Chuck McAllister’s older brother. I’m asking for a copy of his interview that you posted right after he passed away — “In Memorium”. It’s the only live speaking dissertation we’ll ever have. His son Jon has offered to help me acquire the U Tube prsentation with out success. Please Jake, what will it take to have a copy of my brother’s interview?


    Dave McAlister

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